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21 Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Fun game all new ways to be scared you can do more things and all new ways to be piped out by if you like hoping out games you will love this game

Eh its scary but I like the others better

Scariest game ever I played this game and screamed very very loud I did not make It to the end but I did my best.

What happened to the fluffy cute animals?

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22 Scary Maze Game

When my friend made me play this I hated him and gave him the cold shoulder for weeks, but I once saw a video of a guy who played this, and he punched his computer and broke it, hilarious!

The guy who punched the computer's reaction was hilarious. He punched the computer and he asked his friend why he made him play the game. He said that's not funny at all.

Even though I've never played this game, I heard that this will make you crap bricks. It's kind of annoying though, because just as soon as you reach the door...BAM! The exorcist girl's face pops out. It's like, just let me win, dangit! I can imagine that's what goes through the minds of gamers that play this, along with the idea of hiding in a corner and crying like a little girl because they didn't expect to see something so ugly. I don't know, but I'm not playing the game ever. Sorry.

By the time you're on Level 3, you start to get scared in case you die in the second half of the level, because there is that scary scream.

No. Not scary, just cheap and unfunny. - purpleyoshi98

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23 Resident Evil

The scariest in the entire series in my opinion. Plus I don't know if this is for REmake but that game was exceptional at what it set out to do and the additional scares from Lisa and the Crimson heads enhanced this creepy atmosphere while 4 is a good game, I really don't find it scary, at all!

In my opinion, this game was the most scariest game, and the hardest of the resident evil series. Have to survive on a limited amount of ammunition against insanely strong zombies.

Soon as them zombie dogs jumped through the window I was gone. - wolphert

4 is higher, I have lost faith in humanity

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24 Condemned Criminal Origins
25 Left 4 Dead

The Hunter zombie is one of the scariest. It crawls and jumps on you and tears out your insides. The Witch is also scary. She appears out of nowhere and scratches you up with her long black fingernails. Sometimes she's just sitting down with her back facing you. If you walk behind her she will look behind her back and attack you if she sees you.

It's not too scary because you mow down zombies very easily

Great game but not even remotely scary

It's a great game, but it's not that scary. - Powerfulgirl10

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26 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

This is the same thing as the first one

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27 Twisted Metal

I saw this and sweet tooth traumatized me more than any killer clown sightings I've ever seen it's so scary I have to wake up every 5 minutes when I go to sleep to look out the window and make sure that bastard clown isn't outside

All of the twisted metal games are not scary except twisted metal black
that game is big time scary - speed

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28 Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

Hail Cthulhu, lord of madness!

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29 Resident Evil 5

Chris and Sheva are going on Missions that are deadly all the time this should be number one

30 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

See, I don't consider jump scares to be considered fair to be on this sort of list. Jump scares are the easiest thing in the world to do. Anyone can do them. However it's really about the atmosphere. There's only 2 games that do this really well for me. Eternal darkness, and Silent Hill 1. The only reason I picked eternal is because I couldn't even finish ED when I was young it disturbed me so much. Setting a mood and giving you terror over the long period is far more important than a jump scare.

This game's purpose is to mess with you. I remember playing it at 11:00, and all of a sudden, the mute button was turned on. I didn't understand what was happening, but then I found out, this game is just getting on the edge of going insane. I had to stop that night.

Unlike most other items on this list, this game perfectly puts you in the game, and has lots of effects that make you think that actual things are happening to you. For instance, it can make you think you're turning down the volume.

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31 One Late Night

It's scary until you have to hunt for batteries... then it just becomes annoying until you find all of them

The black widow (I think it's her name) made me scream run away

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32 Resident Evil: Revelations 2

My big brother has this game!

33 Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Second most creepiest game in the series because of the horror upgrade for all of them bonnie is the creepiest because shes the second biggest and never blinks

Guys, this game should be at least in the top 10. Because it's the hardest game for me. I'm so scared that when I close a door, my hands are shaking too much! - RobinAung

Utterly terrifying, should be ahead of game 1

Scariest of the series

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34 The Evil Within

The enemies in this game were scary as heck... There were some really messed up places and pretty tense atmosphere. This game was also HARD as heck. It had some psychological horror that messed with your head but this game was good at scaring you through the imminent danger you were in. This game had my heart pounding whenever I was about to face the Keeper, because I knew what was coming, that guy is terrifying. Don't even get me started on Laura (the spider lady). Excellent survival horror game, with excellent level design and some of the freakiest enemies I've ever seen in gaming.

This must be the most underrated horror game of all time. This game was terrifying, and I'm not easily scared. While it's true that not ALL of the chapters were scary, most of them were. Big time. This game had some serious atmosphere and horrific environments, and some of the scariest monsters in gaming. The demonic bloody spider lady is the scariest thing ever, and the Keeper is a close second. It's a true survival horror experience.

This hame freaks me out so bad I can't make it past the part were its asks me if I want to contenue or start a new game

35 Slender's Woods
36 Ju-On: The Grudge Haunted House Simulator

It's based on the movie series, The Grudge. You walk through dark places and if you walk slow or remain in the same place, Kayako will appear before you and attack you. You have to get away otherwise it's game over. But Kayako will appear out of nowhere without warning like if you open a door, her hand will come out and grab your arm and you can see part of her face from the partially open door. And her son, Toshio will appear too. If you're close to clearing a level, Kayako will fall from the ceiling, crawl towards you, and attack you and you have to get away otherwise it's game over. At the end of the game, your character will eventually die because she saw Kayako.

When I was little, I played this game with my family. I almost died. SO SCARY.

37 F.E.A.R
38 Eyes: The Horror Game

This seems like a true horror game when it tells me to run I go the wrong way and I die that scares the @#! % out of me it's so fun and scary

Whenever it says run I panic and don't know where to go

I like how there isn't any music to tell you when to feel scared, and how there aren't really any jumpscares. It's really creepy.

The ghoul is so SCARY

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39 System Shock 2

From the very beginning, it's a foreboding atmosphere. Trying to equip a weapon when the hybrids come, near impossible

It boggles me that it isn't higher on the list... The atmosphere is fantastic.

40 Radiation's Halloween Hack

This game was pretty disturbing, what with the zombie apocalypse and mind exploration portions. It tells a surprisingly detailed alternative "what if? " story for the aftermath of EarthBound while still creeping me out. It may be a very short and barely finished game, but it deserves to be in the top 50.

The most disturbing thing about the game by far is its backstory.

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