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61 Dead Space 3 Dead Space 3
62 Alone in the Dark Alone in the Dark

Maybe if you replaced the picture with that of the original game instead of the Xbox 360 version...

63 Silent Hill Origins Silent Hill Origins
64 Haunt
65 Silent Hills (P. T.)

Why on Earth is the Scary Maze Game before this?! This game is terrifying!

Me and my friend played this in the night. Couldn't sleep for a few days! D:

Really, world, the scary maze game?
This game has some of the best graphics I have ever seen, as well as huge Jumpscares and tension.

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66 Minecraft Minecraft

Try to walk around in a cave when you're not 100% awake and you will be awake after a while

I uh... don't think that Minecraft is scary at all. Sure, things sometimes pop out, but that just startles me.

Good game the only thing creepy is that you feel like your being watched

It's only scary when you have no armour and you're exploring a cave. Why? You don't know when a creeper will strike, but it only startles you when you have better armour like iron or diamond - astroshark

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67 7Days

This is a new game, so it will be down here, but man it is way scarier than all of the other games on this list.

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68 Soma Soma
69 Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion

This game is not scary at all. WHO PUT THIS HERE!

The game is only scary when your little. Although the music and fact that Bowser's head comes off is still pretty scary

Couldn't play it at night as a kid... enough said?

Playing it when you're little...

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70 Friday the 13th Friday the 13th
71 Silent Hill 3 Silent Hill 3

When I saw dead space as number 1 I knew this list wasn't legit.

72 Dying Light Dying Light

Sprinting zombies giant zombies with cinder block and building parts pretty scary if you just look at zombies but the survivor fights not scary

73 Mortal Kombat Armageddon Mortal Kombat Armageddon

The scary thing about this game is that the war of light and darkness will appear

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74 Siren Siren

Siren was banned due to the creepy content in the game. The story in the game is great and right from the start it has the creepy atmosphere.

Any game that was banned for being too scary obviously deserves first place. I think that not enough people have played the game so that's why it is so low on the list. - TheGrammarPolice

75 The Last of Us The Last of Us

It's not scary but it's an amazing survival horror game with a sad storyline that will leave you almost, feeling quite, lonely in a way. It's slightly depressing but the game is full of zombie rage, brilliant game play and as I've said a sad but an honestly beautiful storyline, it's rubbish its only for PlayStation 3&4 but if you have Xbox just YouTube the game play, it could easily be a 10/10 film if they made it and made it right! Peace out!

76 Dora Saves the Mermaids Dora Saves the Mermaids

Forget Silent Hill or Outlast! This game made me drop my DSi and poop my pants! DO NOT BUY! TOO SPOOKY TO PLAY!

Scariest game ever don't buy if u play it you will have nightmares for whole life

This game is scarier than SCP: Containment Breach...

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77 SCP: Containment Breach

I, the big wimp, have been "watching" (I was actually listening) Markiplier play it. It is an extremely scary game to watch and to play. Especially when Radical Larry, Billy, and 096 decide to gang up on you. - Merilille

If you are fond of your sleep, I suggest to not play this game.

This is for sure one of the scariest games ever created!

Played the game. Screaming all the way.

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78 Sad Satan Sad Satan V 2 Comments
79 The Joy of Creation: Reborn V 3 Comments
80 Silent Hill 4: The Room Silent Hill 4:  The Room

Why the hell is this game no. 4 when there are Power Ranger games are above it? smh

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