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81 SlendyTubbies 2

To be honest, I think the classic is scarier and more fun that the 2nd one. But it is definitely still scary.

82 Sad Satan V 2 Comments
83 The Joy of Creation: Reborn V 3 Comments
84 The Walking Dead
85 Pikmin

Gave nightmares for decades

86 Dying Lights
87 Daylight
88 Zumas Revenge V 1 Comment
89 Call of Duty: World at War

Nothing is scarier than the reality of war. - aeromaxx777

Its terrifying when you realize this type of brutality was real and happened

How is it scary? It's just danger in a game. not scary. More just sad.

V 1 Comment
90 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat
91 Half-Life 2
92 Clive Barker's Undying
93 Cry of Fear

One of the best horror games ever created with amazing gameplay and a depressing story which can drive you to suicide.

It's a standalone game on Steam which is FREE!

This game has the perfect jumpscare in my opiniĆ³n, in this game, you would be taking pictures on the walls and floors that has a x marked, if you take the last picture on the x, a door shows up, n when you go in you would hear someone screaming and when you go pass by it, a creepy face pops in front of you and jumpscares you, not knowing if its going to happen.

94 Team Fortress 2

The scariest part was the microtransactions

95 Game Boy Camera

A camera? Oh and I wanted this when I was a kid and the printer.

Lol GameBoy camera

All because of the effing Run Button


96 Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

I know this is new and all but this should be in the top 20 already

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97 Scp-087-B

So there's a lot of debate over whether or not this is just a jumpscare... Trust me, it's not. First, you need to read the article on it (especially the expeditions down...). Then download the game. It's randomly generated, so you never know when something's behind you, and you never know when the end will come. All you feel is this building fear and realization that the further you go, the closer you are to it...

98 Sonic.Exe

This game has... Secrets... Let's just say that something happens in the Dan and Phil play through that is never seen anyone do before. This is unique... the first. Exe.
If someone asked me for the one style of game that I refuse to play, then. Exe would be my choice.

This is not a game

It is a game -_-

99 ZombiU

Terrible. If you die at the beginning you go back to the beginning... of course? But... if you die in the middle of the game (making it through without dying) you go back to the beginning of the game... and if you make it through the whole game without dying and you die right as the game is about to end... YOU GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING AGAIN! MOST ANNOYING GAME I've EVER PLAYED.

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100 Superman 64

This is literally scary of how BAD IT SUCKS - BlueSheepYT

Its not scary, it's down right boring

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