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121 F-Zero GX

Fell into the deep waterfall off coarse

122 I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

One of the bleakest, darkest games of all time, this point-and-click journey through the depths of human failure (based off of a short story by Harlan Ellison) is one of gaming's most unnerving tales.

You play as five different characters, each a vent for an almighty supercomputer known as AM as he tortures you. AM is also able to utilize his immense power to make the five practically immortal, trapping them forever (just as AM is). After 109 years of endless suffering, the game starts with AM creating a game of his own - one that forces each character to relive scenes from their life and/or nightmare-ish scenarios that force them to evaluate the fatal flaws of who they are as a person. The choice is yours what they will make of this examination, but do know that regardless of what you do, it may not be enough to truly triumph.

IHNMAIMS is fantastically creepy and utterly disturbing. A game so shocking and bleak that I found myself unable to finish it.

123 Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

Gave me legit nightmares.

124 World of Tanks

Ok game is not scary but I had nightmares when Japanese heavy tanks were added. MASSIVE OVERSIZED BATTLESHIPS! And flying bug maybe scares you because in unexpected moment you just fly all over map and die!

125 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The feeling of loneliness and how far you ventured in the dungeon

126 Parasite Eve

Love the transformation scenes

Those transformation cutscenes gave me a week long of nightmares... Avoid watching it unless you're a strong person. - Swellow

127 Sophie's Curse

I almost shat my pants

very scary - as1999610

128 Poochy & Yoshi Woolly World

Pink Yarn Yoshi Watch A Scariest

129 Mortal Kombat Deception
130 Deep Sleep


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131 Constantine

Not that scary but you'll literally know how demons are way evil especially when you play this videogame! - JomartheGreat

132 Mario Paint

The sneezing noise out of nowhere made me jump - BlueSheepYT

Clever. You think you're veeery clever. You thought this was good satire. But it's not. Have a pity vote. - AsteroidCat

Is scawy when maio jumps augh

(not serious. )

133 Earthbound

This game is creepy as heck, but I still love it. As said before of course everyone thinks of Giygas first the screaming red gas face that messes with your mind at turns off the television, but also remember Mu training where he takes off you arms and legs, then takes your hearing, and vision, then your whole body except your mind, where you can only think the screen is black and you hear the voice in your head, and then takes your mind, and your are left with void.

This is here not just for Giygas, but tons of stuff. Mu training, Police brutality, zombies, a lot of the trippy backgrounds, the minds crew that is Magicant, and endless more stuff.

There's also a creepypasta to this. It's called "The Fetus From Hell." - airplain313

Gig gas makes this game scary.

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134 Sonic CD

This was in there because one image has a scary face in the beta

Creepy picture, creepy music. why..

135 Imscared - A Pixelated Nightmare

Why the HELL is Team Fortress 2 on here?!
It's my favourite FPS but it's not scary at all?
Any way, this is clever. Very clever.

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136 Vanish
137 Calling
138 Resident Evil 2

Seriously the first game to make me freak out. I'll always remember how scary the music was and how surprising the enemies were.

139 Whiteday: a Labyrinth Named School

Really scary game, too bad it wasnt so popular and known outside Korea.

140 Kuon
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