Scariest Water Slides


The Top Ten

1 Freefall - Cultus Lake Waterpark - British Columbia

Scariest slide ever you just drop!

The scariest ride I have ever seen but still does look awesome

You literly just fall great slide

2 Insano - Beach Park - Fortaleza
3 Summit Plummet - Blizzard Beach - Florida

Even though this slide is at a Disney park it's no little kid ride it's a 12 story drop straight down

4 The Mammoth - Splashin’ Safari - Indiana
5 Leap of Faith - Atlantis Paradise Island - Bahamas

Doesn't look that scary when you're on the line, but when it's your turn it looks like it's completely straight.

6 Jumeirah Sceirah - Wild Wadi Waterpark - Dubai

The countdown at the begining is when your heart really stops. But its too late to get out...

7 Scorpion’s Tail - Noah’s Ark Waterpark - Wisconsin

Because it does a loop

8 Cyclone - World Waterpark - Edmonton
9 Sky Screamer Extreme - World Waterpark - Edmonton
10 Nessie's Revenge - World Waterpark - Edmonton

The Contenders

11 Verruckt - Schlitterbahn Kansas City- Kansas City, KS

This water slide is known to be the most tallest water slide in the world and this slide broke the world record for its height for 51.38m (168ft 7in) and it's a 17 story high slide and the height is taller than Niagara Falls in august a ten year old boy was killed and now their tearing down the slide

It has been closed and removed due to a child being decapitated from it. - MaxPap

12 Bonzai Pipelines - Six Flags America

The first time I got on these slides, I automatically BLACKED OUT. I have never blacked out on a water slide until now

13 Kamikaze - Warmia Park - Gmina Stawiguda
14 Black Hole - Wilderness Wisconsin Dells
15 Bahama Blaster - Six Flags Fiesta Texas - San Antonio, TX
16 Jurahnimo - Hurricane Harbor - Jackson, NJ

It's a 76 ft drop straight down! It was SO fun, though!

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