Scariest Ways the World Can End

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Just like the meteor that demolished the dinosaurs,This might happen too,like that meteor can fit 26 Tsar Bombas, you know what I mean

Black Hole

I wonder what happens when you get sucked in a black hole? Time freezes? World ends? Dinosaurs reborn? So many questions. - Pegasister12

Weird but..

(For science. Not committing suicide)

Out of Resources

The scary thing is that we don't have enoug coal, oil, and natural gas to sustain us throughout our entire lives. - Turkeyasylum

The Big Crunch
Red Giant
Domino Effect
Greenhouse Effect
Ice Caps Melt Completely
Nuclear War

I feel like this will happen :( I really hope it does not.

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All the Trees Die
Zombie Apocalypse

This won't happen.

How is this 13?!

Ice Age

We wouldn't have any resources electricity and food and drinks. The scariest bit is this will happen!
the bit that makes it only a little scary it won't happen until about 60000 years?


Oh no I’m in the year 2020

Big Crumble
Giant Monsters

Loads of people would die from hunger and thirst and there wouldn't be enough houses/jobs for everyone - Lord28

Solar Storm
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