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From websites where you can know when you die to websites that tell you when someone just dies, W

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We all know the Creepypasta website. It's a site of scary and horror stories featuring blood and gore and categories like Murder and Classics. It's known for Slenderman and Jeff the Killer.

If you plan to read a few. Then you should start with candle cove or The Rake.

There's another creepypasta site which is Creepypasta Wiki. Which has more stories

I love this website go CreepyPasta

None of these, the deep web accessed through Tor or Onion

This ain't scary

This site features a black worm that doesn't speak, Doesn't make a noise, Just there with black eyes. But as you move your mouse back and fourth. Then the worm starts going crazy with Loud music in the background and flashing images. Then science, Do not go on the site if you suffer any seizure. This site will trigger it.

It almost gave me a heart attack and I had the image stuck in my head for way longer than I should.

not scary what are you talking about

I like this website

The best place to get spooked

The game that everyone knows

This site is a parody of other sites featuring a long loading page. Then a man speaks welcoming you to zombo com.

This is a annoying website

Not scary

What? remove this from this ranking!

This site is just very scary. It has recordings of last moments of plane victims who notice that there moments away from death.

I don’t think this website is a good idea, and I think it should be taken down! I found out about this by watching Shane Dawson’s videos, and it’s just scary and weird! I mean, really, who would find interest in this?

This site updates sometimes of leting you know who just commit suicide on the sky way bridge.


Why sleep anyway?

I put this in the list

Thank god I wasn't wearing my headphones..

Damn who created that

,my heartbeats racing! DeviantArt is an online artwork, videography and photography community. The website was launched on August 7, 2000, by Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens and others.

Going to this website is an entertaining but also horrifying experience. You can see pretty much every disturbing perversion and obsession there is. It's a window into what humans really are - completely messed up people!

Please keep it on here! This website is really disturbing. It's got weirdos drawing pictures of female characters doing inappropriate things. It's got a lot of nudity, fetishes and other kinds of screwed up!

So much fetish art of underage characters that should be enough to scare any sane person.

Basically a heaven for pedophiles, zoophiles and incest lovers.


It's not the scariest, but should be on this list. Mimicking the game site, instead of showing you a game with dots, shows you a flashing pic of Jeff the Killer and has caused seizures in kids when accidentally typing in agor instead of agar.

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Alright. I'm sick of this trash. It just keeps kicking out repair tickets for interesting art.

This is disgusting

Yeah! Love this site.

Tried once but the gifs made them scary...

very fun

This website isn't scary at all-I used to play games on there all the time, only recently did they add those weird dental and surgery games. Otherwise the site is fine.

Used to play this. I was a bit of an ass to this one person.

Because of all those games with the dental stuff

This website should be banned

The characters is great except betty and yuri because we need them to censored by this website. My favourite jumpscare is ellis, konnichiwa (A.K.A upside down woman with blood from her mouth and her hands), ima socchi (presumably pale woman with distorted mouth)

The creepy images are enough to keep you awake at night.

THAT'S the one I'm talking about!

My god it's not American but it scare ya till you have a heart atack I haven't went on it but from what I saw it was scary as hell

It took me to a youtube channel first and I was really confused and tried it again and well yea, my brother yelled at me for screaming and called me a wuss when he saw

It took me to Chris Choi on youtube after showing a bloody girl?!

Does anyone what the hell this page is?

Sounds like some weird Kamen Rider website (there's a series called "Kamen Rider X" with the main hero being called "X Rider"...) :P

Back then, it was the greatest site on the internat, there were a few scary monsters back then, but now it's about weird fat people talking about sex and swearing, along with drugs and stupid "challenges", their "jokes" are stupid and pointless.

It can be creepy at times.

These creepy youtube channels

I was in this cult a long time ago. It's not so much disturbing as much as... well I'm not sure what say about it any more. Except that sometimes I have nightmares of entities sucking out my energy. I have this site to thank for it I guess, sure made me paranoid. That's the only scary thing to me. Anyone else has experience with this sie?

Sucking out your energy is real. It happened to me

Joy of Satan? What the hell!



Yuck this website is for Pedophiles its full of vore stuff which is disgusting


There's also a similar site called charonboat

Ever is another ismilar s

I read SCP 1471 and I looked at his picture and he scared the hell out of me

Don't look at scp 001! I'm warning you.

SCP 1471's image is nothing, dude. Look at Bottom Page 106 or at 174

This one is just really hard.

I'm scared to play this game


Oh boy, I forgot this one when I created this list.


This website is far cleaner and safer than E621.

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