Top 10 Scary Rides & Attractions at Disneyland

Here's a list of rides and attractions at Disneyland that are scary to some kids and adults.
Past and present

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1 The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (May 5, 2004 - January 3, 2017)

This was my favorite ride between both of the parks at the resort. I'll miss it.

The Tower of Terror was a ride where you board a haunted elevator in your own episode of the Twilight Zone, but chaos takes place and the elevator falls and goes out of control.
It was the scariest ride in all of Disneyland, though not like Disney World's version, which is the original version.
The Disneyland ride was scary, but the drop sequence was the same for every rider, so it got old for those riding it many times expecting more fun and scare, whereas the Disney World one has a random drop sequence, so it's a different experience for every rider, and also, the DW one has more scenery and stuff, more story and is longer, Disneyland's was short and more predictable.
Shame of Disney for closing this ride down so soon to be re themed into Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, which is still scary and intense, but bad and unoriginal in theming, showing you Disney is greedy these days.
R.I.P. Disneyland Tower of Terror. - Gregory

2 California Screamin'

It was a launched roller coaster where you go from 0 to 55 mph in 4 seconds and it was the only ride at Disneyland with inversions, 1 loop, and as it's name tells you, it's so scary it'd send you screamin'.
P.S. the ride's minimum height requirement was 48", so it wasn’t for little ones anyway.
It closed on January 8, 2018 to be rethemed into the Incredicoaster.
R.I.P. CS 2001-2018 - Gregory

3 Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout

It's just such a shame Disney would turn Tower of Terror at Disneyland to this.
It's so unoriginal in theming and shows you Disney is Greedy, true Disney fans don't like Guardians of the Galaxy at Disney parks.
However, like it's predecessor, it's a truly scary ride, and the drops are surprising.
Now Disney World's Tower of Terror has a random drop sequence, so that'll really surprise you. - Gregory

4 Indiana Jones Adventure


It's a truly scary dark ride for many who go to Disney, and it's rough and contains scary images and sounds, yet a scene at the end with the boulder will scare you.
It's like the Disneyland counterpart of Animal Kingdom's Dinosaur at Disney World.
Plus, it has a minimum height requirement of 46”, so it’s pretty much not for little ones. - Gregory

5 Matterhorn Bobsleds

Knowing it's a roller coaster and what to expect might make this ride a low contender, but the story of a yeti and an intense plunge will make kids scared. - Gregory

@ Gregory-No. I went on this. The Yeti is NOT scary. It is cute. The darkness is really cool. Thus, this ride is NOT scary. Argument invalid


6 Goofy's Sky School

This is a kid’s coaster, how is it scary?

It’s a wild mouse coaster, so the turns weren't banked like normal coasters and is like what you'd find at a carnival.
It's basically Barnstormer and Primeval Whirl had a child.
Like Primeval Whirl, the turns were very sharp and jerky, so anyone with even the slightest back or neck problems should not ride.
That's how it got it's Main scare, from the sharp turns, where you felt like you're gonna get thrown off the track. - Gregory

7 Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean

This Pirates of the Caribbean ride is much scarier than the Disney World counterpart since it has 2 big drops, and the 1st is the biggest, in the dark, and will surprise you for scare.
The Disney World one has only 1 small drop, also in the dark, but small, so nothing like this. - Gregory

8 Me. Toad's Wild Ride

It's very scary for a Disney dark ride because you almost get hit by a runaway train and fall straight to hell, who,e the fire is and looks fake, the story is enough to scare many children and adults alike. - Gregory

9 Snow White's Scary Adventures

The idea of the witch showing up and trying to scare you throughout the ride is scary, which was why Disney World toned theirs down, though they sadly closed it for good in 2012. - Gregory

10 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The Disney World one is only fairly scary for little ones, yet this and Disney World's has a minimum height requirement of 40", so many kids will be able to ride.
But the scary thing about this one is near the end where they have all the "dynamite", and you're thinking it's gonna blow up, and the fear of death at the end of this ride makes this one scary. - Gregory

The Contenders

11 Space Mountain Space Mountain

It’s a roller coaster completely in the dark.
Simple as that.
Plus, on Halloween, there’s the Ghost Galaxy makeover, with ghosts and jump scares. - Gregory

12 The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure

The Ursula scene in this attraction may scare some youngsters. - Gregory

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