Top 10 Most Scary Spiders


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1 Brazilian Wandering Spider Brazilian Wandering Spider

The most poisonous spider. - cosmo

This Spider literally lives in the same country I - cassiabez

2 Sydney Funnel Web Sydney Funnel Web
3 Six-Eyed Sand Spider Six-Eyed Sand Spider
4 Brown Recluse Brown Recluse
5 Huntsman Spider Huntsman Spider

To quote Max Chilton: "Last year (2013 at the time) at the Japanese Grand Prix, I was going to switch my light off when I saw this huge [huntsman] spider the size of a tea plate. I called reception -- I don't speak Japanese, so I went "Spider! Spider! Spider! " Then there was a knock at the door and it was a guy with a fishing net. It all went a bit Pete Tong from there. There was lots of screaming, it (the huntsman spider) jumped on his back and disappeared. In just a few seconds it was halfway up the corridor and this guy was chasing it with his fishing net." (From F1 Racing Magazine, Dec. 2013)

If I saw a spider that size, I'd smash it with an oak tree. - sketchysteve

6 Mouse Spider Mouse Spider
7 Fringed Ornamental Tarantula Fringed Ornamental Tarantula
8 Yellow Sac Spider Yellow Sac Spider

I think I saw this inside the pad, though it could've been a translucent spider.

9 Camel Spider Camel Spider
10 Red Kneed Tarantula

The Contenders

11 Black Widow Black Widow

Wrong photo

12 Goliath Birdeater Goliath Birdeater

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1. Biggest spider

13 Jumping Spider Jumping Spider

Who put it in the list? This is cutest spider ever!

14 Salmon Bird Eater Tarantula Salmon Bird Eater Tarantula
15 Wolf Spider Wolf Spider

looks cute

16 Garden Spider

Can be quite a startle as well as aggressive though they'd prefer not to bother people

17 Chinese Hourglass Spider

Bloody nightmare inducing, it looks like it been cut in half and it covered the wound with a very creepy pattern.

18 Sorting Hat Spider

Harry Potter is awesome

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1. Brazilian Wandering Spider
2. Sydney Funnel Web
3. Six-Eyed Sand Spider
1. Brazilian Wandering Spider
2. Six-Eyed Sand Spider
3. Sydney Funnel Web
1. Brazilian Wandering Spider
2. Huntsman Spider
3. Brown Recluse


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