Top 10 Scenarios If Christianity Never Existed

Note: This list isn't meant to offend. It's just a list about a simple "What if?" scenario of Christianity completely disappearing from existence. That is all.

Double note: I know I used to have an anti-religion account of mine in which I retired (it's still on here just to let you know). When I was using it I used to think that religion was the main cause of all the wars and sufferings that have been going on in the world but to tell you all the truth, while religion has caused wars which is not at all false, it isn't entirely accurate either. Even if religion didn't exist we would still have wars (whether it be because of race, language culture, etc.). Human beings are always finding different ways to kill each other so would we be much better if we didn't have religion? I just wanna point that out there.

Whether you're religious or not, what's more important to realize is that you should never use your own beliefs to justify bad behavior. Believe what you want but always be responsible about it and don't go around causing harm in others. Don't discriminate either because it makes you look like an even bigger douchebag. Enough said.

None of these are in particular order. I also got most of them from AlternateHistoryHub. Feel free to check him out if you haven't.

The Top Ten

1 Europe would have many different religions
2 Less homosexuals would be persecuted

The church actually made homosexuality illegal for centuries. It's the churches fault.

3 Polytheism would be more popular across the world

Whats polytheism?

Polytheism is the belief in the existence of numerous gods & goddesses, all of whom are worthy of our worship. Monotheism is the belief in the Existence of Only One God Who Alone, is Worthy of our worship. - clusium

4 More freedom

Are you a fan of Veggietales? Since you was a little kid? What if Christianity never existed? There would be no such thing as Veggietales. No Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.

5 Most world flags would not have crosses on them
6 Ostara instead of Easter

Then learn the point of the Easter Bunny.

7 Saturnalia or Yule instead of Christmas
8 Islam would not have risen

If you ask me, it would've been beneficial for the Middle East. Without sectarian violence, oppressive religious laws, and radicalism and such. I don't mean offense around here. - Bolshoy_Brat

I thought islam would already be a religion at that time - BoyGenius234

9 The Roman Catholic Church wouldn't have existed

Uh exactly!

10 Europe would still have tribes

The Contenders

11 The Crusades would never have happened

Yes, but, there would have been other types of religious wars. - clusium

12 Everyone would go to hell

The church was jealous of Paganism and removed them.
Pancake day would be about the sun.
Easter would be about fertility but it would be called Ostara
Halloween would be Pagan new year but called Samhain.
Christmas would be called Yule and would be about the Rebirth and The Return of the Sun.

By the way I was making fun of number 10 Everyone would go to hell because of some new mobile phone advert for 3 mobile The Serpent telling Eve to eat the Apple.

? If Christianity never existed, then nobody would believe in that stuff, considering that it’s made up.

3 mobile advert "Eve, eat this apple it is good."

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13 Europe would be even more divided than it was in our lifetime
14 Most of the world would be sexist

Maybe Christianity is better sometimes but Paganism isn't sexist and that came before.

Wait...they would?

15 Austria would be controlled by the Zoroastrian Turks
16 Marilyn Manson's career wouldn't exist today
17 If Jesus was never killed then his death would not be the push for his followers to spread his teachings

*The World if Christianity never existed* Who is Jesus? A kid in school is made fun of because he was named Jesus, because the name sounds really old.

Jesus would have never been born, because his birth is a centerpoint of Christianity - 2storm


18 Mythical gods and goddesses would still be around
19 No Christian cartoons

Bible man?

20 The world would be more advanced scientifically

They thought epilepsy was demonic possession.
No Christianity then we wouldn't think that more like an examination dunno how back then.

21 People would know if something is Pagan e.g. Roman, Greek, Celtic.
22 America wouldn't have had been angry at The Beatles in the 60s
23 The Book of Shadows instead of The Bible
24 Vesak instead of Christmas
25 Judaism would become the state religion of the Romans

Judaism was pretty popular in rome, around 10% of romans were jews around year 30. so we could see a jewish rome in around year 100

26 No hospitals

Opened by atheists.

27 No Christmas

Thick as a brick whoever put this one. Christmas was made up by the church to give Jesus a birth date. It used to be Saturnalia and Yule.

28 No Creationism
29 Ken ham would have a different job. He wouldn't have the creation museum and ark.

Think of that sentence and then study hard of math and science try to become a scientist and make the impossible possible making a time machine, you could be that genius. Destroy anything about Christianity in the past and come back he could just be still be in his old job in Australia.

30 No abuse in Catholic Church

Study new scientists to make the impossible possible time machine.

31 Entertainment (Harry Potter, rock music) would not be called Satanic
32 No Veggietales
33 No Christian television channels
34 No Chick Tracts
35 Hospitals would be opened by atheists
36 No rapture predictions

May 21st 2011, I'm looking at you Christian goofs who sold all your money, pets, house supplies.

37 No Devil Costume
38 No Tom Carder Labeling Every Movie Evil
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