Top 10 Scenes From the Jurassic Park Series

The Top Ten

1 T-Rex in Sand Diego
2 Kids Hide From Raptors in the Kitchen
3 T-Rex Pushes Trailer Off Cliff

So tense, it kept me on the edge of my seat at all times. Also Eddie making for a very heroic rescue operation before the T-rex's came.R.I.P. Eddie Carr.

4 T-Rex Attacks
5 T-Red Breakout

Best, most suspenseful, most iconic scene of the whole movie, along with the jeep chase.

6 Brachiosaurus Encounter
7 Battle Between Indominus Rex, T-Rex and Raptors

This scene was pretty cool. It was so tense in the theater. In the next five minutes, you will know what happened. Your heart beats loudly as the T. Rex crashes through the skeleton and roars. Now your heart is racing. Five minutes after, you are like, WHOA. THAT WAS AWESOME.

8 T-Red Fights Spinosaurus
9 The Birdcage / Pteranodon Scene
10 T-Rex Fights Velociraptor

The Contenders

11 Spinosaurus Attacks Boat
12 Raptors Attack Malcolm and Others at Communication Center
13 Indominus Rex Escapes
14 Dilophosaurus Kills Nedry

Love this scene he was so annoying and he sucks thank mr dilopha

15 Grant and Others are Attacked by a Flock of Pteranodon
16 Spinosaurus Crashes Plane

Great scene! Good to have a bit of gore at last in these PG movies. Up to now we had just had no blood whatsoever.

17 Malcom's Speech
18 Triceratops Scene
19 Indoraptor V.S. Blue

Like how Blue beat the Indoraptor - ArcticWolf

20 Stark Gets Attacked by a Group of Compsognathus
21 "Don't Go Into the Long Grass!"
22 "Open Paddock 9"
23 Feeding the Mosasaur
24 Raptors in the Kitchen - Jurassic Park
25 T Rex in San Diego - Jurassic Park: The Lost World
26 T Rex Attacks the RV - Jurassic Park: The Lost World
27 The Final Dinosaur Battle - Jurassic World
28 Volcanic Explosion Escape - Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
29 Baryonyx in the Sewer - Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
30 Sinking Gyrosphere - Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
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