Best Scenes from the Movie Frozen


The Top Ten

1 Olaf Gets Poked by a Stick and Says " I Think I Got Impaled " .

That was my favorite part in the movie, - NerdyPweeps

Yes, he's so funny! :) frozen is awesome - moonwolf

2 Olaf Is by the Fire and Says "Some Friends Are Worth Melting for ... But Not Right Now."
3 The Duke of Weselton Dancing With Princess Anna
4 Olaf Turns Around to the Ice Monster and Says "Hey We Were Just Talking About You"

Laugh out loud! And "Anna, Sven! We just lost Marshmellow over there! " - Animaniacs1Fan

Best Scene ever ROFL. - JavierRocks

5 Elsa Builds the Ice Castle
6 Anna Meets Olaf

When she saw olaf she kicked his head.

7 The Duke of Weselton Chasing Queen Elsa
8 Elsa Unmelts Anna
9 The Duke of Weselton With Anna and Hans
10 Olaf Sings "In Summer"

The Contenders

11 The Duke of Weselton and Hans Arguing
12 Olaf Falls With Others and Says "Watch Out for My Butt"

Laugh out loud! I was watching Frozen today and I love Olaf! - Animaniacs1Fan

13 Elsa Sings "Let It Go"

I am really confused.
I read somewhere that this is the worst scene but now it is the best.

14 The Duke's Henchmen Trying to Kill Elsa
15 Anna Sings "Love Is an Open Door."

Such a positive and great song.

16 When Anna sings "For the First Time In Forever"
17 Olaf meets Kristoff and Sven

Olaf thinks Kristoff's name is Sven but Sven's the reindeer - Animaniacs1Fan

18 I don't have a skull. Or bones
19 Marshmallow's First Appearance
20 Marshmallow Putting On Elsa's Crown
21 The Oaken Scene
22 Olaf saying - "I like warm hugs."
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