Top 10 Scenes from the Shawshank Redemption

The Top Ten

1 Andy escapes from Shawshank prison

The most iconic moment in the whole movie Andy escapes finaly tasting freedom as the rain pours down on him. - egnomac

2 Warden Norton tears off the poster Raquel Welch revealing The tunnel made by Andy

Very memorable

One thing that bothered me is how none of the guards ever noticed the hole in the wall, youd think through all the expections some one whould have noticed or even bothered to look behind the poster. - egnomac

3 Brook's suicide

After being released Brooks is unable to adjust to life on the outside and hangs himself before carving the words "Brooks was Here". - egnomac

4 Andy plays the The Mirage of Figaro over the PA system
5 Warden Norton's suicide
6 Andy arrives at Shawshank prison

It was such a beautifully made scene with the smooth music playing in the background. - egnomac

7 Andy valiantly fights off against the sisters
8 Red reunites with Andy
9 Tommy's execution
10 Hadley viciously beats prisoner to death

The Contenders

11 Red is released from prison

After years of being rejected Red finally says the hell with it tells them off about how he's being trying to say what he thinks they want to hear and ends by saying do whatever you want I don't really give a damn. - egnomac

12 Boggs is brutally beaten by Hadley
13 Red's speech

Easily my favorite part of the whole movie - DenyYourMaker

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