Top Ten Best School Breaks

The Top Ten

1 Summer Break

There's no homework and you get to go on vacations. I wish it's summer year-round

Summer break is legendary, because that is the time when you mostly play games and go on trips and most of all, play Minecraft.

2 Winter Break

Oh, how I wish the winter break were longer. It always includes Xmas and New Year, and usually has my birthday. But it would ALWAYS do so if it began a week earlier, and if it ended later, we would (mostly) end with snow! - PositronWildhawk

Winter is probably my favorite season of the year.
Yes, in summer there is no school, but it is also very hot
Winter break has snow, Christmas, and New Years.
I definitely wish winter break was longer - Ajkloth

3 Spring Break

My spring breaks are BORING AS HELL. My family NEVER travels during spring break :(

4 Thanksgiving Break

Always love thanksgiving dinner

I love this break because it is our first one in the school year and if you live where I am at then you can get a week off of school for Thanksgiving. However the only downside is that it is shorter than most breaks! - Call

5 Valentines Day Break

This doesn't exist

6 Labor Day
7 Fall Break
8 Snow Days

If there's too many of these then it ruins your spring breaks or summers. My cousins had 3 days taken off from their spring break due to the snow days.

9 Human Rights Day

This day allows you to have the feeling of being peaceful

10 Easter Break
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