Top 10 Reasons Why Nerds are Better Than Jocks

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1 Nerds grow up and get great jobs and have the jocks work for them

I'd like to see nerds turn the tables on jocks in the workplace. That should teach those stereotypical athletes a lesson for picking on brainy folks. Charles J. Sykes wrote, Be nice to nerds because you might end up working for them.

That's what I like to read. What I would like better is seeing and hearing nerds lord over jocks as payback for how those stereotypical athletes treated them in school.

That's what I like to read because I like to see nerds turn the tables on their tormentors.

2 Nerds are smarter

Sure seems like it. After all, I favor smart people over strong people.

3 Never pick muscles over brains which means never pick jock over nerd

Dang, I forgot to put "know" between "didn't" and "better." But anyway, you're right about what you told Nate, FrozenHatingPokefan. I mean, who do jocks think they are, pushing nerds around all the time? They'd get their asses kicked if the nerds turned the tables on them.

I always favor brains over brawn. If you use your brawn all the time, you won't get far in life. Using your brain will help you succeed better.

Oh dang, I forgot to put "use" between "you" and "your." Sorry. Anyhow, brawn is alright, but it's really brains that will get you farther in life.

4 Nerds are better friends

Oh sorry. I typed "than" as "thank." Hopefully, I won't make that mistake again. Most nerds treat people with dignity while jocks treat others like tools for their selfish benefits.

No kidding. They're much deeper than jocks, who are shallow.

5 Nerds don't bully

Oops. I mistakenly typed "stereotypical" instead of "true." My apologies. You see? True athletes don't bully, whereas stereotypical athletes do.

Most of them don't, but many jocks do. This kind of stereotyping athletes isn't always accurate.

All the jocks I met were not nice to me.

6 Jocks always brag about becoming professional athletes

I believe that only true athletes make it to that company. After all, stereotypical athletes wouldn't be allowed there because of their bad sportsmanship.

7 Nerds grow up to have better jobs

I couldn't agree more, especially since they have the brains for them. Jocks fail to get those high-ranking jobs because they're too plugged into nonsense.

8 Jocks mostly die first in horror movies
9 Jocks are rude when nerds are nice

I couldn't agree more. Besides, nerds are loyal while jocks just use their victims as tools.

10 Most jocks are losers when they grow up
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11 Jocks do nothing but work out and bully people

I don't doubt that some jocks bully other people. I've not only noticed it happen but also felt it happen to me.

12 Nerds could help you with your homework
13 Nerds can be better friends
14 Nerds are better kissers
15 Nerds get better grades at school
16 Jocks are easily scammed by con artists
17 Most jocks are players
18 Jocks always brag on how big and strong they are
19 Nerds are authentic and jocks are shallow
20 Nerds have better friends
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