Best School Electives

Elective: (of a course of study) chosen by the student rather than compulsory. It's much better than going to English class...

The Top Ten

1 Cooking

Who wouldn't like baking some muffins

Eating your assignments? FIne by me! - ethanmeinster

2 Art/Animation

Finally, we all get to show off our anime drawing skills. Plus, it's much more colorful than pop quizzes! - ethanmeinster

3 Technology

You get to build designs of houses, cars, keychains, and more! Plus, it's awesome bringing home a handcrafted knickknack to go in your room. Then, there's robots... - ethanmeinster

4 Drama

You get to be in the school play and make people applaud (or laugh). It's not for the shy, or the nervous. - ethanmeinster

5 Band

Play some killer notes! - ethanmeinster

6 Video Production

Ever wanted to be noticed on the school news/broadcast? Well, then this is the job for you! Also, it's awesome seeing videos, but even better if you see videos produced by you! - ethanmeinster

7 Chorus
8 Foreign Language

Speaking another language is really handy as you get to communicate with more people. - ethanmeinster

9 Home Economics

Helps you with your budget and makes you more self sufficient. - ethanmeinster

10 Orchestra


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11 Engineering
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