Top 10 School Stereotypes

Wheather it's a person or location at school,there are many stereotypes

The Top Ten

1 Emos Emos

Who else here likes fallout boy?

Found the emo

Apperiantly kids with purple wearing black hoodies that keep their distance from everyone,wait...and they are likly to shoot up the school,not ALL emos are the same dum dums! - Adventurur2

2 Mean Math Teachers

My math teacher is really nice and funny - Ihateschool

This stereotype applies to ALL teachers in general

Both of my math teachers are awesome, and I love them. What do people have against math anyway? - listotaku17

Baldi"s basics! - hellfire

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3 Gamer Kids

A kid in my class plays video games on his computer during breaks - Ihateschool

Kids who care more about games than grades - Adventurur2

4 Bullies Bullies

Not all schools have these in my school we never bullied just silly teasing - Adventurur2

Most worst thing in school! - Sugarcubecorner

5 Socials

They're complete brainless- Kevinsidis

Kids in my school wouldn't shut up about snapchat
It's no real communication - Adventurur2

6 Fights

My school has a ton of them - Ihateschool

Every school has one fight - Adventurur2

7 Popular Girls

I'm a popular boy. So stop saying we are brainless loser

I just have those girls who shows off her beauty and bully other student, that's unbearable! - Sugarcubecorner

Mean,snarky girls - Adventurur2

8 All Schools Have Tutoring All Schools Have Tutoring

Not all schools have tutorials - Adventurur2

9 Coaches are Mean

Coachs yell a lot? Nope - Adventurur2

My p.e. coach is nice. He lets us choose what sport we want to do as a group. - Ihateschool

10 Black Kids are All Ghetto

This one is racist - Ihateschool

Some act white. I'm black but I act mixed. I act white sometimes but act black when I'm mad. - 23windomt

Not all hood - Adventurur2

The Contenders

11 Jocks

I’m a goth that is a girl version of a jock

12 Social Justice Warriors Social Justice Warriors

My American History/English teacher is one - Ihateschool

13 Weaboos Weaboos
14 School Lunches are Typically Bad

We either go put to a restaurant or bring lunch from home - Ihateschool

The lunches in my high school are delicious

15 Smoking High School Kids
16 Nerds
17 Aggies
18 The 'hard' Group
19 Bronies Bronies
20 Tiny Lockers

The lockers at my middle school were big

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