Top 10 School Subjects That Make You Hate Your Teacher the Most


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1 History

I had a history teacher in college that made the class type a 10-page essay once.

I had an amazing World History teacher last year. Always made me laugh and taught school the CORRECT way, with notes, videos, and movies along with plenty of movie references. Studies show that the more fun a subject is, the more the student will pay attention.

What's wrong with history? I love history! - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

They simply talk too much! - Fan_of_Good_Music

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2 Physics

No, no, no! Let him/her enlighten us with the best damn subject there is! - PositronWildhawk

Oh, my head, I have migraine because of this - belarbi

Don't even speak this terrible and dangerous word 'physics'. I have had my toughest time just by thought of physics class, let alone those exams and tests. - zuni

3 Chemistry

My chemistry teacher was a nightmare. Nice guy, hard teacher. We were college prep, not honors students, and he gave us labs and homework nearly every night. FRUSTRATING. - GhostBird

4 Geometry
5 English

I love writing essays and all, but our teacher screeches at us so much I like English a lot less than at the start of the year. But it's also our class's fault because we're so damn noisy.

They grade essays based on their own opinion, there is too much writing, and I hate poetry, Shakespeare, some 15th century readings, etc.

I do love this, but 90% of the teachers in my country are stupid & weird - Fan_of_Good_Music

English is good one... - zuni

6 Russian
7 Literature

Love literature... When I had opted science subjects (actually not willingly opted) in high school, the subject that relaxed me most was literature... I was always wishing for literature after that demonic physics class - zuni

8 Informatics
9 P.E.

The only viable option on this list.P.E. teachers are pricks. - PositronWildhawk

10 Math

I hate statistics it was so frustrating!

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11 Algebra
12 Music
13 French

Here in Ontario, Canada (not saying that the rest of Canada likes it any better) schools typically enforce French class on students, even into high school. Since the students hate it and we associate it with the teacher, they end up getting frustrated, annoyed, overwhelmed, and ultimately hated. - BKAllmighty

French language, at least basics, is good one. - zuni

14 Integrated English Language Arts
15 Art

I just feel like way too many art teachers are either very discouraging to their students, aren't good teachers, or are just horrible people. Not in all cases, but my art teacher is very eccentric and a horrible person. She took a subject I loved, art, and butchered it. I have her first period, too, so she casts a cloud over me all day.

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