Top Ten School Subjects You Would Like to Rate Most

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1 History

Sometimes it can be good but usually it's pretty boring 5/10

7.5/10. To look at past mistakes is to have an informed future, even if assignments are tedious.

I'm not very ibterested in history, and there's LOTS of things to memorize. 4/10

0/10 very pointless

2 Mathematics

I like some math and some I think is just useless. 7/10.

8/10 My favorite subject so far.

2/10 worst subject

10/10 best subject

3 Chemistry

My second favorite science subject. Pretty interesting and fun. 7.5/10

Oh boy I'll give it a 7.

9/10 awesome

2/10. I don’t get the hype at all. We rarely get to do any hands on stuff and when we do, it’s not that exciting. About 95% of the unit is based around elements which I hate doing.

4 Physical Education

3/10, we have both practical and theoretical. I am talking about the theoretical

8/10 I enjoy playing sports (especially soccer and football), and it’s always good to get exercise.

I've hated P.E ever since I was 5. 0/10

6/10. You don’t have to do any work and you get to be active, but most of the sports aren’t that fun.

5 English

9/10. Without learning it, I wouldn’t even be able to talk with anyone here and to express my opinions since English isn’t my first language

It's fun, and my Engkish teacher is awesome, but it's unecessary. I learn about 75% of my English from story books, movies, Internet, and games. 7/10

8/10. The class is fun, but teachers talk about creative writing when clearly they haven't tried it.

It depends on the teacher. I'll give it an 8/10.

6 Health

7/10. To be honest, I kind of like it.

I loved health 8/10

7 Psychology

Psychology is so interesting 9/10.


8 Mythology

Mythology is awesome and very fascinating, but I didn't knew this was a school subject. I don't study mythology at school. 9/10

That actually sounds cool, but I've never taken it 8/10.

Disney’s Hercules is better 8/10

9 Biology

7/10. I somehow enjoy learning about organisms, or at least I did last year.

10/10 I love Biology so much! Studying the life around you is a real treat

My favorite science subjec. I love studying about living things. It's fun and fascinating. 9.5/10

8/10. It’s a pretty interesting subject

10 French

I love my French class. At least I used to before Covid

I would love to take French. 8/10.

2.5/10. It's boring and hard.

The Contenders
11 Ceramics

10/10 AWESOME!

12 Spanish
13 Physics

It's very useful, yes, but I don't like it very much. It's just a harder, more complucated version of Math, and I'm not a big fan of Math. 6/10

14 Art
15 Law
16 Accounting
17 Economics
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