Top Ten School Subjects You Would Skip

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1 Art

I really like art, but is got boring after my teacher started forcing me to draw stuff in a style I don't like -_-. - XxembermasterxX

My art teacher tells me to paint really hard thing an I fail
Me: why did it have to be LONDON!
Teacher: just paint it
teacher: well it’s art
Friend: man London is really hard

My art teacher's really mean - gizzmokids

Art is pointless. you're not even that creative.

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2 P.E.

How I wish... - Misfire

This can be done at home

I can't skip pe and I wish I could BUT nope. I hate being in grade 8

It's pointless. I ditched it quite a few times and never missed anything, plus it saved me a few trips to the nurse's office with bruises all over my knees. - Entranced98

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3 Math

If I skip Math,my father would kill me. - OrangeRin

I'm Asian and if I skipped math my family's gonna disown me :(

Math is a fundamentally important skill required for most all middle/high paying jobs. But then swoops common core and BAM kids hate it. - ARandomPerson

No more common core and this wont be on this list

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4 Algebra

I would absolutely skip this if I could. - KeyboardHero

I actually like art. - 3DG20

This is necessary for having an adult life. - AnonymousChick

5 English
6 Band

I'm in band, but I have to agree with this. Band on an exam day is just too much for me. - Minecraftcrazy530

But... But... I'm in orchestra... - ARandomPerson

7 Reading
8 Wellness
9 Music

I honestly don't get the point of this subject. :/ - Misfire

10 Science

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11 History
12 Irish

I already know French, English, Arabic, Swahili, and some Spanish, when is Irish ever gonna come in handy? - Swiftdawn

Would if I could - sryanbruen

13 Spanish
14 Sex Ed
15 Wood Cutting
16 French
17 Social Studies
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