Top Ten School Subjects You Would Skip

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1 Art

Art is not a bad subject, don’t skip it just because you’re not good at it. Practice and you’ll get better. Your artwork doesn’t have to be perfect.

My art teacher tells me to paint really hard thing an I fail
Me: why did it have to be LONDON!
Teacher: just paint it
teacher: well it’s art
Friend: man London is really hard

I really like art, but is got boring after my teacher started forcing me to draw stuff in a style I don't like -_-.

My art teacher's really mean

2 P.E.

It's pointless. I ditched it quite a few times and never missed anything, plus it saved me a few trips to the nurse's office with bruises all over my knees.

Who the fock cares about people running in circles people care about running in circles?

Yep, that is the perfect explanation of why PE is a hypocrisy

I can't skip pe and I wish I could BUT nope. I hate being in grade 8

3 Math

Math is a fundamentally important skill required for most all middle/high paying jobs. But then swoops common core and BAM kids hate it.

No more common core and this wont be on this list

You, sir, are a deadbeat.

I'm Asian and if I skipped math my family's gonna disown me :(

4 Algebra

I would absolutely skip this if I could. - KeyboardHero

I actually like art. - 3DG20

This is necessary for having an adult life. - AnonymousChick

5 English
6 Band

I'm in band, but I have to agree with this. Band on an exam day is just too much for me. - Minecraftcrazy530

But... But... I'm in orchestra... - ARandomPerson

7 Reading
8 Wellness
9 Music

I honestly don't get the point of this subject. :/ - Misfire

10 Science
The Contenders
11 History
12 Irish

I already know French, English, Arabic, Swahili, and some Spanish, when is Irish ever gonna come in handy? - Swiftdawn

Would if I could - sryanbruen

13 Spanish
14 Sex Ed
15 Wood Cutting
16 French
17 Social Studies
18 Chinese
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