Best Schools in Bangkok, Thailand


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1 NIST International School
2 Wells International School

Wells is a great school. The best part of the school is the teaching staff which offers a great help to the students.

Wells International School is the best and good atmosphere for study. - Dams

Organized and friendly atmosphere. - greydylon

I totally agree, It's not too big and you feel to be part of a family. - Pew

Best school

3 Bangkok Patana School

Great academic experience. - greydylon

4 International Community School

Friendly staff and teachers. - greydylon

5 Traill International School

Best Basketball Team in High School in Bangkok. They develop athletes while ensuring the academic performance is not sacrificed. Great exposure for young children in sports and life discipline. - greydylon

6 Thai-Chinese International School

Business minded students emerge from this school - greydylon

7 KIS International School

Friendly community - greydylon

8 International School Bangkok (ISB)
9 St. Andrews International School
10 Concordian International School

The Contenders

11 Bangkok Grace International School

My daughter's first experience in learning in an International School and I am very satisfied with their balance of school activities, academics and character/spiritual development. A must try school. Population is big enough to be able to adapt in a foreign country. - greydylon

As a Christian Mission School, BGIS has a family-oriented environment. The students are taken cared of really well and the teachers are very accommodating to parents questions. Children have fun learning. - greydylon

12 Bangkok Grace Kindergarten

Friendly teachers, children experience learning in a hands-on approach. Patient and endearing staff ensure that each child is cared for and individual learning needs addressed. - greydylon

13 Garden International School

Good sports program. - greydylon

14 Bangkok Preparatory School

Fun-Learning with good activities for kids - greydylon

15 Harrow International School
16 Shrewsbury International School
17 Ruamrudee International School
18 Anglo Singapore International Schools
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1. Wells International School
2. St. Andrews International School
3. Concordian International School
1. NIST International School
2. International School Bangkok (ISB)
3. Bangkok Patana School
1. Wells International School
2. Anglo Singapore International Schools
3. Thai-Chinese International School

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