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1 Saint Catherine's College

she is the torch of the south.. she's our mentor, mother and home.. and home is where our hearts stay.. alma mater dear we shall ne'er forget those loving years long spent.. forever in our hearts will stay fond memories of you.

I went to school at st. Catherine's college a long time ago, I like the teachers and the student because the student show respect to the teacher and working hard on there education. And they also respect the rules of the school.

Great school with wonderful teachers. Very reputable. Teachers are caring and good listeners. They act fast to help students when it comes to bullying. Very advanced in their studies.

Would be nice to get info on school. But instead I'm receiving an ad on Brest enlargement.

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2 Mother Mary's Children School

I so miss MMCS.. Studying here is really different and an experience one has to truly cherish.. The people are extraordinary.. A school not only dedicated to a child's development in the field of academics but to other fields as well.. A positive assurance that a child will enjoy and will never feel out of place because never will MMCS let a single student be left behind.. I miss the teachers who we can easily connect to and feel as if they are our second mothers, a home away from home where lunch has to be made together as if a biological family enjoying their meal.. A place where we can develop tight friendships not only to selected people but with the whole class and to our mentors as well.. I have forever been a Marian and even though I am in College now, I will always be a Marian at heart.. I LOVE MMCS .. God bless Marians!.. Let's forever be proud of where we come from, our loving Alma Matter..

The students and teachers are given proper encouragement. The faculty, the staff, as well as the students and parents, continually grow and nurture their minds with the activities done inside and outside of the school campus. Mother Mary's Children School makes sure that no one is left behind and everyone has an opportunity to try something extraordinary. Although it is a new school and there are still a lot of improvements to be done, the school has a lot achievements only within 15 years.

MMCS has no issues.
Students are well trained both in sports and in academics. The teachers here are also from a well-known university.

€MMCS provides a concrete example of holistic growth. The education system not only focuses on the academic side but also on the whole aspect of learning. It teaches you to engage in sports, music and more extra curricular activities. What's more impressive is the hands-on teaching to students which provides an edge as compared to other schools. As a child growing up, you want more of that learning to guide you to be prepared for bigger challenges in school and in life that are yet to come and that's what MMCS provides, enormous learning for the value of your money which is a great investment.”

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3 Carcar Academy

I came from Carcar Academy I'm so proud to be one of there product, the admin and so with the the teachers molded the students to be a better citizen not just in our place but as a whole. It doesn't matter how its infrastructure looks like or the the financial status of the students studying there but it matters most on how we've been molded. As you can see our school always excel in so many ways scholastic etc, and most of all the talents that students have, Carcar Academy is also a home a dancers and singers. Students confidence is boost aw well,.. The way they molded their student before now you can see lots of successful entrepreneur, nurses, and so many more professions, they are now enjoying what they have for without carcar academy before they wont became what they are right now,... Tx Carcar Academy

I chose Carcar Academy because I know how the teacher work hard just to teach the students with a good lessons, good manners and right conduct of course and being religious also. I chose also Carcar Academy because I am an alumni of this school. So being an alumni, of course I know what and how the teachers, the owner and the Principal manage the school and the student's behavior of course. Etc.

Because it gives good quality of teaching at the same time it encourages students to be more religious... Teenagers like us can enjoy more about our life here! This school is really great!


One of the best school where u can experience fun and at the same time u learn

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4 Ocaña National High School

This school is one of the secondary schools here in carcar city that offers good facilities and equipments. It serves also as an instrument to mold the norms of an individual especially the students who are enrolling in this school. Indeed, all students here are experiencing this what we call, good teacher-student relationship in terms of classroom base dicussion. The teachers as well as the principal itself are making their best action to facilitate the students to become fully equiped person someday...

This school is the best school here in carcar city wherein it offers good teaching methods. It helps students to become fully equiped person. In addition to this fact, the principal, teachers and staff are helping each other to bring this school into pedestal. This serves as the stepping stone for individual.

5 Carcar National High School

Heey Centralians... We make so proud that according to survey, we have the highest number of professional alumni among public high schools in Carcar City Division although our campus founding is so young. That's what we are... Thanks sa mga dedicated, ever dynamic faculty mentors mam and sir... You mold us so well.

6 Perellos Elementary School
7 Ocaña Elementary School

Nice place I've ever came because of the student they are very respectful and also the teachers who are very supportive to us thanks because of MILO I went there nice environment

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8 Maximina School

I am a proud graduate of MVBES... I can say that, this school is one of the best school in Carcar City. This school where I am molded to become a competitive person in every aspects of my life. , excel in my field pf studies and etc... Go maximinians...

Go maximinians. I love this school where I worked. Love you guys and to pupils.

MVBES continues to produce excellent and productive students :D

9 University of Santo Tomas - Carcar Campus
10 Tuyom Integrated School

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11 Bolinawan Elementary School
12 Valencia Elementary School
13 Guadalupe Elementary School
14 Upland Elementary School

Considered as the first government institution of learning outside of Cebu City during the American regime, now known as the Carcar Upland Elementary School and holds the distinction of being the oldest public school in Southern Cebu. With pride I say that I am a product of this accomplished institution and I will always be grateful for all the mentors for helping me build a strong educational foundation which catapulted my studies and paved my way to success!

The home of the most successful professionals of Carcar...

15 Gelacio C. Babao, Sr. Memorial National High School

Offers good quality in teaching and clean facilities

Gelacio C. Babao, Sr. Memorial NHS is the new name of Valladolid NHS which happened to be the very first public secondary school in Carcar City.
It had been the recipient of various science equipment donated by the Australian government and had been the recipient of twenty computers sourced from DECRO VII.
The teachings staff had been sent to trainings nationwide and abroad.
Thus, the school can well deliver good quality education.


16 Roberto E. Sato Memorial National High School V 1 Comment
17 Daughters of Saint Teresa

The school existed for 35 years already. We celebrated our 35th Foundation anniversary last December 18, 2016 with the theme "Remembering with gratitude, Renewing with fervour and Moving onward with hope".

These are the core values emphasized by the administrators and teachers in teaching their learners:prayer, respect, charity, simplicity, generosity,modesty, humility and honesty.

For the information of all, the official name of the school is St. Teresa's School of Valladolid, Inc.

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18 Carcar City College

Cool place, new building, value for education

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19 St. Augustine Catholic School, Dumangas
20 Carcar Christian School, Inc.
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