Top Ten Schools In Kuwait

Okay... So this is a list of the best schools in Kuwait... Believe me... Although they're not Arab schools and all... Indians, Pakistanis and Arabs mix in one school... Or private. Believe me... They are top ten best schools.

The Top Ten

1 Delhi Public School (DPS)

Best Indian school in kuwait..I like the education system here..

It is a bad school in the whole world. Teachers are not teaching properly I have experienced. In this school all the nationality's are there in the same school and doing some nonsense but I say that Indian Educational School Kuwait is the best school in the whole world.

It encourages only in sports activities

It the best school, l have ever seen.
I am proud to be a student there.

2 Indian Community School, Kuwait - Senior (ICSK)

It's the best school in Kuwait

It is the best

The most advanced school in Kuwait. Two of my sisters studied in this remarkable school. This is a school for seniors and that classes only from 9th till 12th are in this school. ICSK, with its four branches is the largest Indian school in Kuwait. - archiesweirdmysteries

The quality of excellent education lies in ICSK no doubt about it.

3 Indian Academic School (Donbosco)

I personally hate this school, as some of my friends from this school are like our school is the best and all. Despite my thoughts, I hate to say it is a very good school to study in. - archiesweirdmysteries

Indian English Academy School*

So hard and helpful

With fr. Lionel there it is the BEST

4 British School Kuwait (BSK)

The best school in kuwait ins bsk indian schools are terrible we r not an indian country we are arabic indians keep coming to kuwait it doesn't make it right to make everything indian I hope they ban all india schools


BSK use to be a great school but it got lower but it's steel great and good but it's levels are going down by the time.

Great school

5 Indian Central School (ICS)


Top school

Not knowing much, but can say that if it is in the top 10, then there's no doubt it is good. - archiesweirdmysteries

The best school ever I am studying in there

6 Salmiya, Indian Model School (SIMS)

Super in studies and in sports it's the best
Teachers are all nice
People are very smart

The reviews about this school are very wrong.. Spacious is not what I describe.. This school is dark.. Like people's soul

The only model school and more spacious than any other Indian school in the city

A great school situated in Salmiya, one of the cities in Kuwait. - archiesweirdmysteries

7 Indian Community School, Kuwait - Junior (ICSK)

I love it

I studied in this school, but its been some months since I've been moved to ICSK Amman. This school is a memory of the best teachers and its great technology. ICSK, with its four branches is the largest Indian school in Kuwait. - archiesweirdmysteries

8 Indian Community School, Kuwait - Amman (ICSK)

Yes, it has been some months since I have been studying in this school after the Junior branch. With my experience, it is a very advanced school with modern technology. I like it! - archiesweirdmysteries

The teachers are friendly & sweet. You'll have your best time along with proper studies.
Highly recommended.

9 Carmel School Kuwait (CSK)

Super school

The teachers are really good.

Really awesome

Very nice school

10 New English School

AMAZING! I totally recommend to everyone. Home works are reasonable and staff are friendly!

Best school with amazing teachers

I spent 7 years at this school; from kindergarten to year 5 and then I moved to Qatar and then to Bahrain. However, despite the many schools I've been to and seen, I feel that it was NES that gave me nearly all the knowledge I have and has made me the person I am today. This is the best school I've been to with the best facilities provided, not to mention the fun and caring atmosphere. NES gives your child a chance to do everything and experience new things. I totally recommend this school to any newcomers to Kuwait or families already living in Kuwait. Admitting your child here will be the best thing you've ever done and I can assure you that you won't regret it.

I and my brother are in this school, and despite the dumb homework and examinations, it is a really good school. I've been in NES for 4 years (year 1- year 4) and my brother 1 year (reception- year 1). I hope I stay till year 12, because I don't want to leave my BFF and friends neither my school. Trying to talk to different people and British teachers was a really good idea. Sometimes I get into trouble which makes me absolutely HATE school. Anyway, really fantastic school.

The Contenders

11 Indian Educational School

The best School in the Universe
And I am proud of it

It is the first best school

It is the best school in kuwait and it has helped me a lot to become a successful person

I spent 7 years at this school; from kindergarten to year 5 and then I moved to Qatar and then to Bahrain. However, despite the many schools I've been to and seen, I feel that it was IES that gave me nearly all the knowledge I have and has made me the person I am today. This is the best school I've been to with the best facilities provided, not to mention the fun and caring atmosphere. IES gives your child a chance to do everything and experience new things. I totally recommend this school to any newcomers to Kuwait or families already living in Kuwait. Admitting your child here will be the best thing you've ever done and I can assure you that you won't regret it.

12 Kuwait English School

I have been in this school for 5 years and almost 6 years I have been a great student so far I hope I can stay here

Great school..educational & behavior wise.

Amazing school

I love this school it's the best one I love it it's so nice you can do anything and you will be the highest I love it

13 The English Academy

An excellent school. Working hard for the students.

The best of the best. Especially in moralities

Best school...really happy and proud to be a TEA student.

Very organised.

14 Indian Lerners Own Academy

It is an outstanding school.It helps young learners to gasp up each lessons and subject easily.

It's a good school where most of the facilities r available. It has teachers which help d children in studying.
Though it is a school, but is very good.

One of the best school in Kuwait I have ever seen.

I also heard this school activities are very good.

15 United Indian School

The best school ever

One of the best Indian school in kuwait

It is the worst school in Kuwait... Because there is no A.C in that school. Our teachers are so dumb they don't teach anything they will only make us read the chapter. In sports we are very dumb compared to IES There is no hygiene in that school. You should see the condition of our staircase and the elevator so dumb. IES is the best school all over Kuwait. No one should take admission in UISschool. Many children fainted because there is no Ac in that school. So people I can definitely say that it is the world school all over Kuwait

Good School but no spots facilities, lack of place,only basketball training,no AC's in some of the classes,even though AC is there it won't be working.

16 Gulf Indian School

It is the best school in the world

SCHOOL filled with MALAYALIS the name should be Gulf Malayali School

It's the best school after dps

It is the best school...

17 ACA

Best school in Kuwait you will for sure have fun

Hala wallah

Best school excellent education

It gets lots of money but don't fix their property

18 Kies Kuwait International English School

Nice school you've really improved from last year, lovely kids in your school and thank you for moodle your website.

Worst school ever

Fantastic school, new building, better facilities, great student body and caring staff. Had some problems with recruitment but a management who believe in the individual student. No one treated as a number.
My kids love it and they've seen enormous changes in the last few years. One if Kuwaits top school in my book.

Faced some difficulties through changes of ownership in the dim and distant past - potentially a very good school for middle income earners. Can anyone provide me with an update?

19 Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Indian Educational School

Best school ever I am studying in this school teachers are very kind every facilities are there a good atmosphere to study and a number of facilities a large school so fantastic such outstanding friends going to change to icsk don't know abt it

So good school. it is a very friendly and safe school

It is the best school I've ever seen

20 American United School

This is my school they is no better school than this school it gives you lots of knowledge more than the college

21 American Bilingual School

It is a great educational school and they make ELEMENTARY students feel happy It is hard for people who are not really good at English and it is really tough with middle School and High School They will make sure that the student has great education and knows everything before giving the quiz or test the student might struggle but he or she can do it it is an amazing but hard school
You want your kid to have great education and experience bring him or her to American Baccalaureate School (ABS)

ABS had a name change several years ago. It is now American Baccalaureate School. Yes, it is one of the best schools in Kuwait. Well run and academically sound educational practices! ABS endeavors to build young leaders with a focus on community and knowledge of the world around them.

It is a great school with great education you feel happy and safe but it is a little challenging in middle school high school but you can do it it will let you try until you can achieve your goals It cares about how you feel it will not keep a student sad it is great in everything the will give students vocabulary words to know how to speak in a great language it is tough but if you study you will be fine for seniors they will bring a lot of colleges and universities including Harvard from all parts of the United Kingdom and United States of America that you can choose from the also have they’re own college in Kuwait called A I C

Aka abs. Its one of the best schools in Kuwait. ❤️

22 Integrated Indian School

One of the best Indian School in Kuwait

Very good school

Good school

Quality education for normal and teachers are kind and dedicated.since one year many good teachers leaving the school.reason unknown.

23 Indian Community School Kuwait - Khaitan (ICSK)

Best school

Never studied in it but I believe it's good. It is in the top ten after all. - archiesweirdmysteries

Best school ever

It is a school with Ideas and friendship.
Studying this school for 10 yrs,showed my experience.

24 Indian Public School

Best international school

The best school

This school is one amazing crazy school! Like the football and the academics wooh!

25 International Academy of Kuwait



Worst school ever with disrespectful staff

26 American International School of Kuwait

I have had amazing experiences with this school. Top notch education that focuses on educating global citizens to change the world.

I am in ais and it's the best school in the world and in Kuwait

27 Smart Indian School

Wonderful school, I must say..

As our cultural secretary rightly said, This IS the best school..

As the Cultural secretary of Smart Indian School, I proudly say that this is the school with a difference. I am just in the eight grade but I still got the oppurtunity to be a student council member. We are taught to live in discipline and balance co-curricular activities with our studies.We have our classes till the 9th grade and next year we would have our seniors to the tenth grade and it goes on..We unlike any other school replace our sections with zodiac signs! I assure you that this is the school just for YOU! You will never ever regret it..

Thanking you ~ Irene Sara
Cultural Secretary, Smart Indian School.

28 Al Bayan Bilingual School (BBS)


The English and Arabic lessons are both the same but in different language's

29 Kuwait American School

My niga lives there

One of the best schools in kuwait

30 Kuwait National English School

I have been in this school for nine years I was there in pre school and now I am in year 7 and its amazing the education is good and everything

Amazing School

I have been in KNES for 10 years and I feel it should be in the top 5

31 New Pakistan International School

The only good thing about this school is the teachers over there.
The management and principle or director are gold diggers

Best pakistani school in kuwait

Best fun school[

Basically one of the most ridiculous schools in Kuwait..too much freedom is given; students would skip schools and teachers would hardly care. buses wont wait.

32 Gulf English School (Ges)

Ges was considered by 2015 and 2016 as the top school

I have moved to a lot of schools in my life but I just can't forget about GES the people there are so kind and understanding and so are the teachers they actually help you in your problems and this school made me feel like I was home and I am still friends with my other classmates in GES

33 Jabriya Indian School
34 Universal American School

The best school in the whole entire world

An amazing school but so expensive.. even for primary kids

35 Hayat Bilingual School

It is a challenging school for people who just came in like in 3-12 if you came in the school when you were at pre-K you think it is very easy this school gives you good education

It's very challenging but it's easy when u get the hang of it I was there since kg and now I'm in the eighth grade. I really recommend this school if you just came back from Britain or America

36 Future Bilingual School

It’s a awesome school to be honest,the students aren’t too bad, the school has a friendly vibe to it!

It sucks we don’t have activities and we don’t have big place for PE and the break too. the school is so tiny! I didn’t see our principal the whole year and when I ask the vice principal where is she? She says she traveled! How could a principle travel and keep the school without a principal! How is it a school with no principal.

This school might be small but it’s super friendly. Especially the teachers and even if you fail they’ll give you another chance not to mention that our student council is super active almost every demand is garantee. And about the principle what the hell don’t you know some one replaced her place and we have a knew one coming or should she miss out on her maybe last chance in life she’s getting medical help in Canada 🇨🇦 or should she attend only to serve your demand. This school is the best I’ve been here since kindergarden so yeah. Oh yeah and we do have activities we actually won places in a lot of competitions and I am one of the winners. Not to forget that I’m also a part of CSO. And I proudly say that our school was chosen between all the schools of Kuwait 🇰🇼 to participate in this event. It was the first time done out of American so yeah my school is great 👍

37 Arab Open University

Good university

38 Al-Amal Indian School
39 English School Fahaheel Kuwait

Before 5 years or more it was good now a day it become week than before

40 American School of Kuwait

The best school in the world. Has good education, good teachers, amazing staff members, nice students, and it looks really nice. Not only is this school amazing but it is rare to find a kid misbehaving.

-very expensive but good education

41 Al-Ru'ya Bilingual School

I have been here for 4 years now! teachers there cares a lot about the student and try their best to make the student to reach to his goal, I recommend this school u won't regret!

42 International British school (ibs)

It’s a really amazing school

43 Ryan International School
44 Kuwait University
45 Kuwait Indian School

Nice School

46 Ajial Bilingual School Riggae
47 Pakistan National English School.

One of the best schools in kuwait for kids
providing a lot of freedom

48 Hawally Pakistan English School
49 Cambridge English School

All staff is British as provide lots of activities

50 Nottingham British School (NBS)
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