Top Ten Schools In Kuwait

Okay... So this is a list of the best schools in Kuwait... Believe me... Although they're not Arab schools and all... Indians, Pakistanis and Arabs mix in one school... Or private. Believe me... They are top ten best schools.

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21 International Academy of Kuwait

Worst school ever with disrespectful staff

22 Kuwait National English School

Amazing School

23 American International School of Kuwait
24 ACA

It is the best

This is the the best school 💖

25 Gulf English School (Ges)

I have moved to a lot of schools in my life but I just can't forget about GES the people there are so kind and understanding and so are the teachers they actually help you in your problems and this school made me feel like I was home and I am still friends with my other classmates in GES

26 Al Bayan Bilingual School (BBS)

The English and Arabic lessons are both the same but in different language's

27 American United School
28 Ryan International School
29 New Pakistan International School

Best pakistani school in kuwait

30 Al-Ru'ya Bilingual School

I have been here for 4 years now! teachers there cares a lot about the student and try their best to make the student to reach to his goal, I recommend this school u won't regret!

31 English School Fahaheel Kuwait
32 Gulf Indian School

It is the best school...

33 Kuwait University
34 Arab Open University
35 Universal American School

An amazing school but so expensive.. even for primary kids

36 Al-Amal Indian School
37 Kuwait Indian School
38 Smart Indian School
39 Hayat Bilingual School

It's very challenging but it's easy when u get the hang of it I was there since kg and now I'm in the eighth grade. I really recommend this school if you just came back from Britain or America

40 Kuwait American School

One of the best schools in kuwait

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