Top 10 Science Fiction Questions to Ask People

If you're a sci-fi fan then feel free to answer these questions.

The Top Ten

1 If We Do Make Contact with Aliens, What Sci-Fi Movie/TV Show Would You Play Them?

Close Encounters of the Third Kind - iliekpiez

Contact - Ned964

Movie beacause I want to put them on

2 Will Sci-Fi Die Once We Make Contact with Aliens?

No. There's still plenty to speculate about, and always will be... - Ned964

No - iliekpiez

3 Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars, by a nose. Star Trek is more about what could happen with what we know now, and Star Wars is more about anything is possible - Ned964

Star Wars - iliekpiez

4 Hard Sci-Fi or Soft Sci-Fi?

Hard - iliekpiez

5 Realistic Sci-Fi or Science Fantasy?

Science Fantasy is always better than hyper-realistic stuff. - mattstat716

Science Fantasy - iliekpiez

6 Favorite Robot?

Data from StR Trek - blackflower

Roy Batty - Ned964

Hal 9000 - iliekpiez

7 If Aliens Did Visit Us, Would They Look Like the Ones in Sci-Fi Movies/TV Shows?

That's tough because we know so little about rules that would apply to Alien races. So I will guess no on this - Ned964

I really do believe and suspect that they're already among humans and look uncannily like us. - Britgirl

Not that it hasn't been done, but someone (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.. ) should dream up a storyline about Aliens living among us and see where it goes. I don't think the concept has been overdone anyway - Ned964

I bring this up cause it has to do with Panspermia, which is a theory that life could've existed on another planet and moved to Earth. That's why most of the aliens in Star Trek look like humans.

Close Encounters - iliekpiez

8 Do You Think Sci-Fi Would Help Kids with Science Class?

Yep - TwilightKitsune

Yes - iliekpiez

9 Alien or Predator?

Probably Predator(s), they have additional weapons to what nature provided them with. - Ned964

Xenomorph - blackflower

Alien - iliekpiez

10 Would You Consider Scientology Fact or Fiction?

For what I know of it, which is admittedly very little, I would consider it neither. I consider it nonsense, which I guess is more towards the fiction option - Ned964

The Contenders

11 Do You Think 2001 Would've Been Better If We Went Into Space Instead of 9/11 Happening?

Yes. This would be one of many options that would have been better than 9/11 happening - Ned964

12 Are Lightsabers Possible?

From what I know, they are not. How can any light be generated, go out to a specific point, and then bend back to the source from which it eminated? It's either that or the light simply stopping at some point. The only force I'm aware of with enough gravity to make light behave like this is a black hole. - Ned964

No - iliekpiez

13 What If Alien to Over the Universe What Would You Do?

Bad grammar squad - iliekpiez

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