Top 10 Science Fiction Questions to Ask People

If you're a sci-fi fan then feel free to answer these questions.

The Top Ten

1 If We Do Make Contact with Aliens, What Sci-Fi Movie/TV Show Would You Play Them?

Close Encounters of the Third Kind - iliekpiez

Movie beacause I want to put them on

2 Will Sci-Fi Die Once We Make Contact with Aliens?

No - iliekpiez

3 Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars - iliekpiez

4 Hard Sci-Fi or Soft Sci-Fi?

Hard - iliekpiez

5 Realistic Sci-Fi or Science Fantasy?

Science Fantasy - iliekpiez

Science Fantasy is always better than hyper-realistic stuff. - mattstat716

6 Favorite Robot?

Data from StR Trek - blackflower

Hal 9000 - iliekpiez

7 If Aliens Did Visit Us, Would They Look Like the Ones in Sci-Fi Movies/TV Shows?

Close Encounters - iliekpiez

I really do believe and suspect that they're already among humans and look uncannily like us. - Britgirl

I bring this up cause it has to do with Panspermia, which is a theory that life could've existed on another planet and moved to Earth. That's why most of the aliens in Star Trek look like humans.

8 Do You Think Sci-Fi Would Help Kids with Science Class?

Yes - iliekpiez

Yep - TwilightKitsune

9 Alien or Predator?

Alien - iliekpiez

Xenomorph - blackflower

10 Would You Consider Scientology Fact or Fiction?

The Contenders

11 Do You Think 2001 Would've Been Better If We Went Into Space Instead of 9/11 Happening?
12 Are Lightsabers Possible?

No - iliekpiez

13 What If Alien to Over the Universe What Would You Do?

Bad grammar squad - iliekpiez

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