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1 Shaggy Rogers

Shaggy is the funniest character. Scooby is lovable and the rest of the gang is smart, but Shaggy is the goofiest and the best - Knucklewood

He's my favorite. So is Scooby. - TopTenJackson

Like no fire. I forgot matches don't light underwater.

Shaggy eats a lot

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2 Scooby doo

He was my favourite cartoon character since the day I was born.

I like scooby doo cause he is a dog and my favourite animal is a dog.
I also called my dog scooby

The show's named after him for a reason. He was the face of the series, and hands-down the best character.

If I'm honest I rather like Isla Shearer in this, she is great but so is scooby

He should be number one! All of the shows and movies focus

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3 Daphne Blake Daphne Blake

Velma is last good - 1507563

Daphne is so useless she should be #5. Why is she 3?!

She is hot and srxy

I love how Daphne always knows what she is doing on the spot

4 Velma Dinkley

Scoot and Shaggy are number one in my head. So, since they have the top to spots I will vote for Velma. I want Velma to be number 3

She's smart, cool, and is a little bit the underdog I n the series. - moonwolf


5 Fred Jones jr.
6 Scrappy doo Scrappy doo
7 Scooby-Dum

Should be in front of scrappy at least - flash101

8 Vincent Van Ghoul

Vincent was an assume character on the 13 ghost of scooby doo and a good poet and horror story teler

9 The Creeper
10 the Ghost Clown

The Contenders

11 the Witch Doctor
12 Yabba-doo
13 Scooby-Dee
14 Mayor Jones
15 Baylor Hotner
16 Miner Forty-Niner
17 The Freak
18 Scrappy Rex
19 Bogal
20 Thorn
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1. Scrappy doo
2. Fred Jones jr.
3. Daphne Blake
1. Scooby doo
2. Shaggy Rogers
3. Fred Jones jr.
1. Scooby doo
2. Vincent Van Ghoul
3. Shaggy Rogers

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