Top Ten Best Scratchers

Many children and adults worldwide use scratch to program games, projects, and animations. Which one of these people is the scratch community's favorite?
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1 griffpatch

The. Greatest. Scratcher. EVER.
(too bad that thing happened, you will only understand if you're a Scratcher)

He Could Earn Real Money If Some Of His Games Were In The App Store

Thank you guys for putting me on here! I'm glad you enjoy my games!

@41188999johann Griffpatch is a roll model for so many scratchers

2 ceebee

I love your projects! You got this!

Go Ceebee!

Ceebee makes great projects even though some of them are short. She is also super nice and active in the community.

One of the few members who is nice and makes other then template projects. - Championsgamer1

3 ScratchCat
4 ScratchTeam

No way scratch team is the worst they block you just by saying these words.
The truth which is bad about the scratcher.
Why do they even say blocked even though most of us know that we’re banned. And they made horrible rules and terrible projects and let adults fail in university because they used it.
The worst scratchers like happy potato is a quirky moron for him saying “ I am half British and a nerd.” That was very racist of him. And then Splow is decently the worst. ALL HE DOES IS JUST GIVE RAMDOM UNHEALTHY FOOD PROJECTS WHICH ARE AWFUL AND DUMB.

5 gobo

Eh.. He's k - Championsgamer1

6 Will_Wam

Don't ask me if he was the one who made The Ninja, 'cause everyone knows.

All of his games are fun and challenging with many levels!
He should be 3rd.

He makes the best ninja games.
This should be at least 3rd place.

AWESOME! The best ninja games ever were created by Will_Wam.

7 RainbowRedPanda

They're so cool, she has this warrior cat project, which is really cool too!

Don't leave, RainbowRedPanda!

I'm on here? Woah, who added me?

She's now -QueenBean-

8 WoompaDoop
9 zboy3169
10 JeffAnimations
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11 Froggygames123

I love his projects! They are really good

Good content would play for hours

He is really cool

He is the best I love him

12 WO997
13 Oakley_The_Beagle

Please Vote For Me - OakleyTheBeagle

Very cute and best, I wish you 1000000000000 followers

14 ChuckLaunching

I make some pretty cool games... - ChuckLaunching

15 makemelaugh44


Vote 4 me please!

Wow! amazing

16 -QueenBean-

So Cool! RainbowRedPanda has returned!

17 Deeki

Great at interacting on the Scratch community!
Very social, and kind

Active in the community

Vote for her! She rocks

She is great. (My opinion)

18 FancyFoxy

Is this gonna keep letting me vote for myself

I'm FancyFoxy so yeah

Eww liar ew a

19 WazzoTV

Ooh yes the one who made Scratch Saga

This guy is perfection, humanized. - Championsgamer1

Wazzo T.V. has the nest videos... OF ALL TIME

20 Paddle2See
21 tntrobber123
22 cutupuss
23 DarkLava
24 speakvisually
25 ScratchDesignStudio
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