Top Ten Best Scratchers

Many children and adults worldwide use scratch to program games, projects, and animations. Which one of these people is the scratch community's favorite?

The Top Ten

1 ceebee ceebee

Go Ceebee!

Ceebee makes great projects even though some of them are short. She is also super nice and active in the community.

One of the few members who is nice and makes other then template projects. - Championsgamer1

Scratch team member right here!

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2 griffpatch griffpatch

No he sucks.

Griffpatch is superior to all, deal with it.

Number one right here

3 ScratchCat ScratchCat
4 ScratchTeam ScratchTeam

No way scratch team is the worst they block you just by saying these words.
The truth which is bad about the scratcher.
Why do they even say blocked even though most of us know that we’re banned. And they made horrible rules and terrible projects and let adults fail in university because they used it.
The worst scratchers like happy potato is a quirky moron for him saying “ I am half British and a nerd.” That was very racist of him. And then Splow is decently the worst. ALL HE DOES IS JUST GIVE RAMDOM UNHEALTHY FOOD PROJECTS WHICH ARE AWFUL AND DUMB.

5 gobo gobo
6 Will_Wam Will_Wam
7 RainbowRedPanda

They're so cool, she has this warrior cat project, which is really cool too!

Don't leave, RainbowRedPanda!

I'm on here? Woah, who added me?

She's now -QueenBean-

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8 WoompaDoop WoompaDoop
9 zboy3169 zboy3169
10 Oakley_The_Beagle Oakley_The_Beagle

Please Vote For Me - OakleyTheBeagle

The Newcomers

? Deeki

Great at interacting on the Scratch community!
Very social, and kind

? PlanetSuperMind

If your reading this PSM...

The Contenders

11 JeffAnimations JeffAnimations
12 ChuckLaunching ChuckLaunching

I make some pretty cool games... - ChuckLaunching

13 WO997 WO997
14 makemelaugh44 makemelaugh44


Vote 4 me please!

Wow! amazing

15 -QueenBean-

So Cool! RainbowRedPanda has returned!

16 FancyFoxy

Is this gonna keep letting me vote for myself

I'm FancyFoxy so yeah

Eww liar ew a

17 tntrobber123
18 cutupuss
19 DarkLava
20 Paddle2See
21 AwesomeM27

Wait I'm on here? How the- ya know what nvm.

Really kinda underrated

22 Unit2007

Whoever put me on here, thank you!


23 MaximunPokeMaster


24 Ankit_Scratch
25 xX-MarshyMellow-Xx
26 FollowCherryBlossom

Um she was the first person I ever followed I would say her name a lot I would keep trying to find her projects.

I couldn’t share anything then but I still tried to talk.

27 ParrotTDM ParrotTDM
28 X_DanTDM_X X_DanTDM_X
29 Yohan- Yohan-
30 theChAOTiC
31 QueenBub
32 speakvisually
33 ScratchDesignStudio
34 Motu-Patlu-Chan

Bae. - Extractinator04

35 Sterogurt

She can beat me

36 Jupi07

Sweote likes you dude!

37 opaline

Fates hibbuh and awakening hibbuh

Scum de nohrian. her fire emblem parodies though.

She answers the unquestioned so we don't have to question. scum from the autumn:
she's a hardcore fire emblem fan, and her outro though.

38 SomeRandomPinapple

She is amazing she makes the best projects ever!

I love her projects they're so inivative! :D

39 -Pinapple-Panda-
40 fluffyunicorns24680

Whoa! Ceebee! This is epic!

41 NilsTheBest


42 FireGuy004

Vote for me

43 Froggygames123

Best scratcher ever

45 Dyaboy
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