Top Ten Best Season 1, 2, 3 and 4 Fairly Odd Parents Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Timvisible

This one was alright - NESSquid

This one was funny. - cosmo

2 Shiny Teeth
3 Christmas Everyday
4 Channel Chasers
5 Hex Games

Vicky was too mean in this episode. - cosmo

6 A Wish Too Far!
7 School's Out!: The Musical

I LOVE this episode. It was cool and they sang a lot. - cosmo

One of few good musical episodes.

8 Mr. Right!
9 Foul Balled

This was a lot like the jimmy neutron episode retroville 9 or whatever you call it - NESSquid

10 Apartnership!

The Contenders

11 Just the Two of Us V 1 Comment
12 Super Bike
13 The Boy Who Would be Queen

This is my favorite episode! Though it's a little racist, it taught us that girls don't/aren't totally girly pretty-pretty princesses, and can do just about anything boys can! Plus, Trixie wasn't a total idiotic jerk, and had an actual personality! Chester and AJ were kinda funny in this ep, too. It should totally be in The Top Ten!

Great episode.

14 Totally Spaced Out
15 Sleepover and Over
16 Power Mad

I like this one - NESSquid

17 The Big Superhero Wish!
18 Smarty Pants
19 Transparents!
20 Dog's Day Afternoon
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