Top Ten Best Season 12 Acts of America's Got Talent

The Top Ten Best Season 12 Acts of America's Got Talent

1 Darci Lynn
2 Preacher Lawson
3 Angelica Hale

Angelica has the best voice of any 10 year old I've ever heard - Solacress

4 Sara and Hero

Best dog trainer I've ever seen. Definitely the most improved act of the season. - Solacress

A truly incredible dog act. Not only has she trained the dogs to perform the tricks almost flawlessly, the dogs actually look like they enjoy being up there with her, which you don't see in a lot of dog acts. To think, she almost did not make it past the auditions until Simon, of all people, stood up for her.

5 Mandy Harvey

He should've won or at least make the top 5

6 Merrick Hanna

Yes he should have won - AwesomeJawson

7 Colin Cloud

Wish he wasnt eliminated

8 Light Balance
9 Bello Nock
10 Puddles Pity Party

The Contenders

11 Demian Aditya
12 Celine Tam

Poor Celine. Had the misfortune of coming on the show the same year as Angelica Hale, another little girl with just as incredible vocals.

It shouldn't have taken away from the fact that she was incredible too, but in the end, America chose Angelica as the favorite little girl singer.

13 Pompey’s Family
14 Mirror Image
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