Top Ten Best Season 2 Episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Now I go on to an adventure to find out the best of MLP:FIM: Best of Season 2.

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1 Lesson Zero

The episode for children who love humor. I'm meaning 18 year old children. We now learn that Twilight can stop being in every episode and letting the Mane 6 spread more lessons around. We also learn that Twilight is a psychopath going back to Magic Kindergarten. - TheJawBR34KER

This is a funny episode - bobbythebrony

I Love This Episode - JPK

True, JawBR34KER. I can't stop laughing when Twilight loses it! It also taught me to help my friends, even when it doesn't seem like a very big deal to me.

2 A Canterlot Wedding

Introduced Us To Shining Armor And Princess Cadence - JPK

The 3rd best "2-part" episode in the series! We learn that during a normal Canterlot wedding, Chryalis changes to the bride and seduces the husband and the original bride tries to seduce him back with a help of her friend. - TheJawBR34KER

OH MY GOSH YESS! This was the best, the songs, the plot, the dresses!

3 The Return of Harmony

One Amazing Episode If I've Ever Seen One.

Introducing the one of the best antagonists in the series... DISCORD! In the S2 premiere, we learn that everypony like to suck Discord's pingas and Twilight not. She is too powerful for pingasess. - TheJawBR34KER

Aw I remember like it was yesterday... I watched this episode and after that I was in deadly love with discord ❤️I love that episode, it was exciting and discordtastic😍

4 May the Best Pet Win

An episode where Rainbow can't know what to choose for a pet and decides to make a race in a very dank ravine. We learn a lesson that Rainbow Dash can't choose, but isn't that Pinkie's nerves? - TheJawBR34KER

5 Hurricane Fluttershy

Fantastic Story, Great Animation, Memorable Characters and Amazing Emotions I Already Said It Was My Favourite Episode How Could I Not Vote For It.

I just adore hurricane fluttershy. 9.5 cutie marks out of 10.

6 It's About Time (or Twilight)

I'm not saying I don't like this episode because I do. I just find it to be really boring and unfunny

An episode who is mainly about Twilight in literally every shot. She tries to stop the future from happening and sucessfully fails. We learn that Twilight doesn't like to bathe or go to the spa or the doctor and clean Twi to a nice shiny pony. - TheJawBR34KER

7 Ponyville Confidential

This One Was Really Funny - JPK

The only one episode where there is gossip around in a kindergarten school in Ponyville. It even goes viral as Celestia is just like them. The lesson is that gossip is not pretty, but rather literally DIGUSTING... - TheJawBR34KER

8 Secret of My Excess

Spike... WANT! We learn that Spike becomes the most greediest dragon of all history and becomes a terminator of the Wonderbolts. They should've done better. - TheJawBR34KER

9 Hearth's Warming Eve

PONY Christmas EPISODE! No description, we just learn the origins of time before Equestria. The end. - TheJawBR34KER

10 Read It and Weep

The Contenders

11 Luna Eclipsed

Pinkie ruined it

should've made this no. 4 but whatevs. The comeback of Luna with outdated voices. But.. but.. whatevs. We learn a new bond with the reformed Luna. Yay. - TheJawBR34KER

12 Sisterhooves Social
13 MMMystery in the Ponyville Express

A refrence of train scheme movies. No learning here. - TheJawBR34KER

14 Hearts and Hooves Day
15 The Last Roundup
16 Family Appreciation Day
17 Dragon Quest
18 The Mysterious Mare Do Well

Massively underrated

19 Baby Cakes
20 A Friend Indeed
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1. Ponyville Confidential
2. A Canterlot Wedding
3. Hurricane Fluttershy
1. A Canterlot Wedding
2. Lesson Zero
3. It's About Time (or Twilight)
1. The Return of Harmony
2. A Canterlot Wedding
3. Lesson Zero


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