Best Season Finales from the Walking Dead

The Top Ten Best Season Finales from the Walking Dead


This finale was a great introduction to no mercy Rick and it shows here, and 2 of my favorite moments happen here from Rick tearing Joe's neck to them getting trapped in terminus is where the best part of it begins, and the last line from Rick Grimes "There f ing with the wrong people". I just loved how this episode ended which sets it up perfectly for the premiere. - zeroclubsboii

Beside the Dying Fire

Loved the farm incident on this one which also makes it one of my favorite episodes of the walking dead ever. This whole episode was a super intense start up after shanes death and the horde in this episode makes up for the ending of season 2 and onwards towards the prison. Even Ricks speech by the end of this sends chills down my spine. - zeroclubsboii


Love how Rick just shoots Pete in the head then Morgan comes out of the shadows for a reunion just in time for things to get crazy. - zeroclubsboii


Great ending for season 1. - zeroclubsboii

Last Day on Earth
The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
Welcome to the Tombs
The Storm
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