Best Seasons of American Horror Story

The Top Ten

1 Coven

Are you kidding me? Coven sucked! Compared to the other ones, this storyline was crap. The only good character was Fiona.

This sucked! Murder house and asylum were the two best!

1. Asylum 2. Murder house 3. Freak show. 4. Coven 5. Roanoke 6. Hotel
Coven definitely not number 1 - Forthday

2 Asylum

Asylum had the best plot, actors, and ending of all the seasons by far. There were no boring moments, and it was very dark and exciting. Lana, Jude, Mary Eunice, and Oliver made this season perfect. It didn't have that soap opera effect to it like Murder House did, so for me it came out on top.

Shame that a really scary scenarios ended at about 4th or 5th episode, then began some kind of dialogue based drama with from time to time thrilling plot twists and scenes. - UniqueUniverse

A truly haunting season. It had me so frustrated I felt like screaming at some parts and near the verge of tears at others. The ending was amazing.

3 Murder House
4 Freak Show

By far the best in terms of acting, horror, and production. - mood333

5 Roanoke
6 Hotel

It was at LEAST, better then Coven!

7 Cult

Surprisingly good, great plot and characters.

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