Best Seasons of Survivor on Quizup

Ranking all 18 seasons of Survivor on Quizup!

Only recreating this list because I wasn't allowed to add any new items to the list

The Top Ten

1 Season 1: Quizup 1
2 Season 2: Quizup 2
3 Season 3: Champions vs Challengers
4 Season 4: Greece
5 Season 5: Aruba
6 Season 6: Mega Merge

Hey it’s Jenelle’s debut season and she is a queen so why not

-totally anonymous

7 Season 7: India
8 Season 8: HvVvW
9 Season 17: Hawaii

Voted for this one due to the top tier winner, fantastic gameplay from this person which made this season 100x more enjoyable - BluePerson

Hawaii is a great state

Hey it’s Hlane1017. This is the only season I’ve been on so yeah.

10 Season 9: Fans vs Favorites

TDFan was robbed of the win. Best player of the season by far.

The Contenders

11 Season 10: All-Stars
12 Season 11: Ogasawara Islands
13 Season 12: Solomon Islands
14 Season 13: Caribbean
15 Season 14: Battle Royale

My debut season! Great people, fantastic hosts, and of course, amazing FTC speeches, y'know.

€26 people on one tribe? The whole season! Insane gameplay, crazy tribals, and one of the best casts EVER.”

16 Season 15: Salem

I just voted this because I knew no one else would.

17 Season 16: Peru

That Whoa kid was a legend

18 Season 18: Ghost Island

Why not?

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