Best Seasons of the Year

Different people have different choices of seasons. This list of my liking, and they all have a reason to be on their places.

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1 Summer

Summer is awesome! I love it so much there are so many fun things to do especially the beach!

When I met you in the summer, till my heart beats down. I love that song by Calvin Harris.

Around June 20th to around September 20th. Great weather. Should be number 1.

Summer holidays/vacation/break/whatever you call it and my birthday is in August - GriffinDoge

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2 Winter

Christmas and New Year! Christmas lights, food, trees, songs! Best season!

I like this a lot. Yeah!

3 Autumn

Pros: It isn't cold or hot, the perfect mix of both though! There are lots of events that happen around this time of year including harvests. Harvests may sound boring but they have candy sometimes.

Autumn is a beautiful season. All of the seasons are important but personally I like Autumn the best. I love the smell of leaves and rain together. - Catlover2004

This is way better than summer


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4 Spring

Spring sucks. Why is it here?

Who dosen't love flowers around them?

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