Best Seasons of the Year

Different people have different choices of seasons. This list of my liking, and they all have a reason to be on their places.

The Top Ten

1 Autumn

My skin is sensitive, to I can get sunburns easily in summer, even with high protective ones (I'm afraid to put goggles on because it's worse). For this/these reason(s), I don't have summer as my favorite.
Winter's downside, I think at least, is that I don't really get much snow (if we do get any).
Would you rather have so red skin that you need aloe, or frozen knee's?
And I don't really have much to say about Spring other than pretty flowers, decent temperature and Easter.
Autumn/Fall is probably the BEST out of all of them. Cool breeze that isn't too cold (you'll still need a jacket and pants though), the Beautiful leaves, and need I say anything about Halloween? My 3rd favorite Mario Kart track is also based off of it. - Qryzx

Pros: It isn't cold or hot, the perfect mix of both though! There are lots of events that happen around this time of year including harvests. Harvests may sound boring but they have candy sometimes.

Autumn is a beautiful season. All of the seasons are important but personally I like Autumn the best. I love the smell of leaves and rain together. - Catlover2004

It’s pretty much just right. It’s not too hot like Summer or cold like Winter nor with a lot of allergies and germs in the air. Autumn is just warm.

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2 Summer

Summer is awesome! I love it so much there are so many fun things to do especially the beach!

When I met you in the summer, till my heart beats down. I love that song by Calvin Harris.

Around June 20th to around September 20th. Great weather. Should be number 1.

Barefoot. Yeah.

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3 Winter

We get Christmas, snow, and a new year! Christmas is also so cheerful. Everyone is happy (most people), you have no school for a few weeks, you get to stuff your face with food, and you can play in the snow! There's also presents...

Christmas and New Year! Christmas lights, food, trees, songs! Best season!

My favorite. If there is anything else added, I might start going crazy. - Ikura

Winter sports are always fun. Also *cough*Christmas*cough* - notveryswoleboi

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4 Spring

Spring sucks. Why is it here?

Good weather and school ending

Who dosen't love flowers around them?