Best Sebalter Songs

This is a list with the best songs of the Swiss musician Sebalter.

The Top Ten

1 Songs of Serenity
2 Hunter of Stars

My Number One:clever, catchy, cheerful song with great banjo and violin

3 Nostalgia

My number 8 but only a fraction behind the 4 which share 4th place. Nice tune;reminds me of a French dance.

4 September

Number 4 for me too, with its violin solo and rising vocal. Equal overall to Sleepless Nights and Sweet Melancholy.

5 Day of Glory

Equal number 4 with several others;fast, catchy and cheerful with the bonus of the energetic violin solo.

6 Sleepless Nights

Equal number 4 with September. Another song I looked forward to on the album:great violin and emotive lyrics

7 Clouds
8 Sweet Melancholy

Equal number 4 with several other songs. Intriguing story and pleasant, stately tune;very different.

9 Saturday

My Number Two:unusual lyrics, infectious rhythm and more cheerful violin. Just a fraction ahead of Shadows

10 Shadows

Number 3, almost equal to Saturday and the song I most looked forward to on the album. Nice summery 'steel band' keyboard, catchy rhythm and chorus, good build-up to soaring vocals at the end.

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