Best Second Installments In Movie Franchises

Second installments in movie franchises are usually better than the original, as good as the original or worse than the original, here's the best ones!

The Top Ten Best Second Installments In Movie Franchises

1 Toy Story 2

I still have the DVD/Blu-Ray with me and it was the best installment of that series. - yamionthetrap

I like it better than the first and third film, but how this is so far in front I don't understand. - truckturner

This was so memorial - 23windomt

One of pixars more underrated movies, it's pretty good! - Phillip873

2 The Empire Strikes Back

Now this is an obvious one, I never met anyone who says that they did not like this movie! - Phillip873

This is probably my favorite on the original trilogy. - Misfire

One of the best movies ever made. - B1ueNew

The best of the franchise. - 2storm

3 Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Although this movie is overrated in my opinion, I still really liked this one. It's about as good as the original, I still think the third one is the best one. - darthvadern

I would say this is another of the rare movies that is as good or better than the original - germshep24

Very Badass movie.

4 The Dark Knight

Another movie that the second movie surpassed the original in its trilogy - germshep24

Where is POTC2? I mean it's not better than this but it should still be here

Guys come on

5 The Godfather Part II

In my opinion better than the original - germshep24

The mods aren't good at keeping repeats off lists - germshep24

Already on the list - darthvadern

6 Aliens

The perfect action movie, this was just as good as the original - germshep24

7 Spider-Man 2

Yes, this film was really incredible but I actually liked the 1st one better... I just always liked Green goblin so much... - B1ueNew

Although my least favourite of the trilogy, this is still one of the best movies ever made! The story was excellent! It focuses on Peter Parkers double life as a teenager student and a superhero, it's great! The villian: Doctor Octopus / Otto Octavious is the best villian in the entire trilogy tied with Green Goblin, he has such strong motivations and such a cool design! Masterpiece movie! - darthvadern

I loved it! - Misfire

Well, it’s my favorite movie. - MrCoolC

8 Batman Returns

Batman was a risk, because this was during a time when Superhero movies weren't a cash grab, this one came out with a more serious tone, with better acting - germshep24

9 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

A great movie. All the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies are equal to me. - 2storm

Should be much higher. This film was brilliant - B1ueNew

10 Shrek 2

Here's another excellent Dreamworks sequel! I think 3 was the best of the series but this is a close second! The story is once agian excellent and expands upon the original! It's really colorful as well! I don't think there was a single bad moment here (except for those perverted girls). Excellent sequel! - darthvadern

The greatest movie ever made. How is this not #1?

The Contenders

11 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

One of the first of the marvel universe movies that I truly enjoyed - germshep24

Why did I forget this? This movie is also an excellent movie and the best of the Captain America trilogy, I thought the first one was ok and the third was messed up, but this is truly an excellent sequel! - darthvadern

12 Kung Fu Panda 2

If I am going to be completely honest there isn't such a thing as the worst Kung Fu Panda movie! I liked 3 the most but the first two were equally as good in my opinion! The story was so intense and it's easly the darkest of the trilogy! I also loved the villian: Lord Shen, he was really cool! - darthvadern

13 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

I will admit that this movie kinda rehashes the original and it's not the best one in the series, however, it's my second favourite in the series. This time Indiana Jones is in India looking for these things I don't remember what they're called. But it's a great movie! Really classic! There's tons of classic moments in here! - darthvadern

Indiana Jones as a whole is a good franchise (even if the 4th ones a bit weird) and Temple of Doom does not stop that! - Phillip873

14 Superman II
15 Batman vs. Two-Face
16 Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Night of the Living Dead might of created the zombie genre but this movie perfected it - germshep24

17 How to Train Your Dragon 2

Here is a Dreamworks sequel that manages to be better than the original, and it's awesomne! The story expands so muh on the original and it's excellent! The new characters are so interesting and the movie feels so fresh! I used to think this movie was overrated but I had to watch it thrice to fully enjoy the masterpiece this movie is! - darthvadern

God Hiccup got so hot. Besides that point it was also a great movie and really bumped everything from the first movie up a level. When I saw the first h2tyd movie I liked it a lot, but but also kinda disappointed because it was sooo different from the books. In this movie it actually kinda veered back towards some of the themes in the book series and also expanded on things in the first movie and also Hiccup got really hot. It was good.

18 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Nah, it was pretty bad honestly - darthvadern

19 Alice Through the Looking Glass
20 Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
21 My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
22 Paddington 2
23 Undisputed 2

The point this series really kicked off and became one of the best martial arts series created - germshep24

24 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
25 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd
26 Evil Dead II

Pretty much the first but with slapstick and a bigger budget better than the original - germshep24

27 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
28 Avengers: Age of Ultron

You mean the movie that is the reason the MCU is seen as repetitive? This movie isn't even that good and is downright confusing at best - darthvadern

This was a huge disappointment just a remake of the first Avengers - germshep24

Bad movie - B1ueNew

I tried to watch this movie but I couldn’t it just got boring to me but the first one is amazing - RawIsgore

29 Incredibles 2

This is one movie that should definitely be high up! I watched it at a friend and I was suprised by how good it was - darthvadern

Good but I prefer the first one much more - germshep24

30 From Russia With Love

The second James Bond movie.

31 A Shot in the Dark

This improved the aspects of the original, the first one had a better story and plot, but this was able to deliver a much better mix of humor in it - germshep24

32 Deadpool 2
33 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Masterpiece - darthvadern

34 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
35 IT Chapter Two
36 Ice Age: The Meltdown

I unlike most people prefer the Ice Age sequels over the original. Especially the third and fourth one. The second one is the third best in the franchise in my opinion. I think this movie does everything right unlike the original and I think this should've been the original instead. I also love the villians: Cretaceous and Maelstrom, they're so colorful and look awesomne! - darthvadern

37 Monsters University

Prequel really - 23windomt

Great one! - darthvadern

38 Legend Of The Drunken Master

On level with the original Drunken Master - germshep24

39 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

This is the best of the trilogy! Although I think the Madagascar trilogy as whole is very overrated, I really liked this sequel! It's very nostalgic and has a great story! I loved the return of Nana from the original! Really great movie! - darthvadern

40 Rio 2

It's ok in my opinion, the original was way better though - darthvadern

41 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
42 The Lego Batman Movie

Just so you know, I didn't add this movie on the list, someone else did - darthvadern

Nah, I found it boring, worst Lego movie in my opinion - darthvadern

There were many Lego Movies before this - iliekpiez

That's not the 2nd lego movie, it's a spin-off.

It's the second in the LEGO movie franchise though, the title of the list doesn't say it has to be a sequel. - dalekdoctor2011

43 Cars 2

Pretty awesomne sequel! - darthvadern

44 Blues Brothers 2000

I'm pretty sure someone was trolling when this was added, this is considered one of the worst movies ever made, doesn't have the charm of the first nor does it have the original duo that made it iconic - germshep24

45 Rush Hour 2

This is my personal favorite of the series - germshep24

46 The Matrix Reloaded

Not as good as the first, but definitely apt up the action - germshep24

47 10 Cloverfield Lane
48 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

First of all: this isn't a 2nd installment in a franchise
Second of all: This movie sucked eggs
Third of all: This is not a sequel
FOURTH of all: it shouldn't be higher than the godfather 2 or lord of the rings 2 - B1ueNew

Actually it is a 2nd installment it is the sequel to Man of Steel - germshep24

It's the 2nd installment in the DCEU so it counts. - girlcool

Terrible - darthvadern

49 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

This isn't a good movie, but it was made for kids so it isn't surprising all the end to entertain kids is put talking animals and fart jokes and your good - germshep24

This one's horrible! Worst of the franchise, I mean I really liked the third one, but the rest sucked - darthvadern

This movie sucked, All of these movies are terrible and unfunny - B1ueNew

50 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

It's not even out yet. - B1ueNew

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