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Keep supporting the Second' as a group favorite! Located on our Voting member that you guys support! To All FOND!

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1 Khansa

Hello Strawberry-Ssi! I'm is KhaLine.
Do you know, you have a beautiful voice and shining voice. You're so pretty, cute, beautiful, and simple. Your dancing now is so so GOOD! Poor Khansa! Fighting!

Khansa You're smiling! I really love You very much! You are a woman who is very good on your sister! Your music is very supportive! I loved it. You know, a pose that you are currently using a glass eye, similar to Cho Kyuhyun Super Junior. WOW! I will continue to support you! Saranghae Yo!

You are a cute and sweet girl. You're also an inquisitive magnae. I love thy nature, because I'm jealous. I hope you and other members can hold the event and concert introductions in our country. I will always support! Without a magnae, there will be no KhaLines, you're the one who best her poetry! Fighting! ^o^ "

2 Salsa
3 Irdina
4 Dewi
5 Nadia

You is the good dancer!
You is the bad Voice! Maybe can you repair.
You is the BEST LEADER of Second'
You is the funny Chat! ^^

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