Top Ten Secondary Characters from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The funniest characters who aren't Jake, Terry, Rosa, Charles, Amy, Gina, Holt, Scully or Hitchcock.
The characters who aren't always there, but may you smile or chortle when they are.

The Top Ten

1 Doug Judy

His character was written really well - The way he behaved casually and outsmarted Peralta (twice) was really great - styLIShT

2 Adrian Pimento Adrian Pimento is a psychologically volatile police officer who spent twelve years undercover infiltrating the mafia. His first appearance is in the third season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in which he returns to the NYPD's 99th Precinct after his undercover work ends. His series of psychological traumas more.
3 Kevin Cozner
4 C.J.
5 Seth Dozerman
6 Agent Jack Danger
7 Detective Warren Pembroke
8 Teddy Wells
9 Victor Santiago
10 Madeline Wuntch

The Contenders

11 Lynn Boyle
12 Mlep(clay)nos
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