Top 10 The Secret Life of the American Teenager Characters


The Top Ten

1 Ricky Underwood

He was the only good character on this show, he should be first

He's by far the best, only one not annoying.

2 Ben Boykewich

Ben was a cry baby who always bitched about Amy, gtf over it Ben.

3 Grace Bowman
4 Ashley Juergens

I hated her, she was so annoying.

5 Adrian Lee Boykewich

Adrian is everyone's favorite bitch. She's the one everyone hates to love, or loves to hate. She keeps the show interesting and without her the show would be bland

6 Madison Cooperstein
7 Jack Pappas
8 Grant Volberg
9 Amy
10 Griffin

The Contenders

11 George Juergens
12 Tom Bowman
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