Top 10 Secret Menu Items to Order at In-N-out

I freaking love In-N-Out, and they have a "secret menu" that you can order from that's not listed on the main menu. There are approximately 20 secret items, so here we West Coast users can rank them!

The Top Ten

1 Mustard Fried Patty

The mustard fried patty is when the cook puts mustard on the grill and fries the patty on it. I don't even like mustard, but it's so good when it's cooked that way! But they also add pickles so I would say no pickles still. - Phillip873

2 3x3 or 4x4 Burger

You can get more that a double double at In-N-Out, I usually get the 3x3 (still skinny) because it's really filling. - Phillip873

3 An In-N-out Hat

Ok, so at In-N-Out, you can get one of the hats the workers wear for free. Now what I did this Halloween was I got one of these hats to look like a cook, along with a shirt and a pin. The hats are pretty cool! - Phillip873

4 Cheese Fries

They just melt cheese on your fries, but it's really awesome! - Phillip873

5 Grilled Cheese

For the non-beef eaters, grilled cheese is a go to! - Phillip873

6 Animal Style Burger

I don't really like animal style fries or burger, but lots of people do. - Phillip873

7 Neapolitan Shake

It's a shake that combines chocolate, vanilla AND strawberry! - Phillip873

8 Protein Style Burger

It's a burger wrapped in lettuce! - Phillip873

9 The Flying Dutchman

This item is weird! It's just a burger, except no bun! - Phillip873

10 Chili Pepper

You get these on the side if you ask for it. - Phillip873

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