Best See Me, The Broken Songs

Roddy Hall
Jarrod Gentry
Rhett Reamy
Amy Monroe
Trevor Roe

The Top Ten

1 Me, Myself, and I

It's a shame that this was a song that came out right before the band broke up. Every part written brilliantly by Jarrod, it manages to go from slow and pretty to hardcore and breathtaking. It's such a masterpiece. I CAN'T STOP SEEING RED. - maryheard

2 Life Outta Me

It brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. Especially the acoustic version. - maryheard

3 Live a Lot a Bit

You might think you're in love, and he might promise you the world. Don't believe what he says, it's not real. It's murder... and he did it.

I connect to this song on so many levels and I always find myself dancing along. - maryheard

4 Testimony

This song hits on a different level than any of the rest of these.. and I think it''s incredible. It tells a touching story and it pulls at the heartstrings like crazy! - maryheard

5 The Cursed

If you've heard this song, I don't need to say anymore. Holy crap! Roddy's vocals mixed with Jarrod's screams make me so wet and this song is the one that gets me the most. - maryheard

6 Tragedy

I can't help but headbang anytime I hear the gorgeous guitar riff opening. I love this one to death. Such a sad title for a fun and happy toned song - maryheard

7 Let's Bury the Hatchet in your Head

I'M DONE WITH YOU. This is Jarrod's song and I'll gladly take the spot of whoever this song is about - maryheard

8 The Plot Sickens

This song reminds me of Slipknot and I love it.. Rhett should do vocals more often, its sexy and amazing - maryheard

9 People Hiding Under Staircases

The orchestra sund is beautiful and I want to listen to this song all day. It never ever gets old. I love it. - maryheard

10 The Anime Song

A very weird Disney/anime/whitechapel sound but its gorgeous and different. Definitely one of the best! - maryheard

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