Top Ten Seekers Books

The best books from Erin Hunter's Seekers. Spirits in the stars is currently no. 1#. Please vote

The Top Ten

1 Great Bear Lake
2 Spirits In the Stars

Incredible book my favorite ever

This book is a big let down for me after everything I don't understand what happened.
This book was a disappointing 2nding to the original seekers series

3 Fire In the Sky
4 The Quest Begins

Very good book tells you how it all began

After reading this book I almost did not read the seaskers. The only reason I did was it was made by erin hunter and I love the wariors.

5 Smoke Mountain
6 The Forest of Wolves

Shows how bears can beat wolves

7 The Last Wilderness


I love TLW. It starts off with Ujurak turning into a bird, and then getting a pole caught in his mouth. Then he becomes a flat face and is taken in by flat faces. I always loved this book, and with good reason. LONG LIVE SEEKER BEARS! - Mewbosses

8 The Burning Horizon
9 The Melting Sea

I like were the seeker gang and their other friends join to kill taquiq's friends and taquiq becomes a psycho path and killed a lot of cubs and kallik killing taquiq.this book contained 20 hardcore smack down death.this book also gives you memories about the bears in the other books.This book also makes lusa stronger because in this book she is fed up with everyone thinking that she is weak and she also kills other bears in this books.just saying you should read this book over 30 bears die in this books bears new bears and old bears from the great bear lake to the melting sea.this book contains psycho bears.sadness.action.adventure.and morevlots of bears die in this book and the deaths are really sad and awesome - speed

10 River of Lost Bears

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11 Island of Shadows
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