Top 10 Things Sega Should Do In the Future

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1 Stop making video games about Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the hedgehog is the reason we don't have another virtua fighter. They are spending way too much time on the sonic franchise over the years. I get that sonic is their icon game but there is much more that can have both time and effort put into them.

2 Reboot the Jet Set Radio series.

And maybe keep the original character designs.

3 Get bought by Nintendo.

They could make Sega better.

4 Change its name back to Service Games.
5 Bring back Vectorman.
6 Manufacture a girls only game system

If they make a system that is targeted only at girls, I say that they should call it the Sega Female System. I thought of that because I couldn't think of another name for it. This system should not be a part of the console wars. If there's anyone that's not interested in the popular consoles, then Sega should be making one that's for girls only. I say that this girls only game system, Sega Female System, should be a dedicated home console.

7 Create the iMonkey.
8 Let Nintendo have AiAi from the Super Monkey Ball series be in Super Smash Brothers.
9 Make an HD remake of Streets of Rage.
10 Do a remastered collection of the Alex Kidd games.
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11 Create a Sonic The Hedgehog RPG game

The dark brotherhood wasn't good enough.

12 Release a sequel to Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg

There is only one billy hatcher game? Almost all the other franchises have more than that!

13 Make video game consoles again
14 Create Sonic Adventure 3

Actually, they were going to, but they renamed it to sonic unleashed.

15 Do exactly what Megadimension Neptunia did
16 Make a new Skies of Arcadia game
17 Make a new All-Stars racing game
18 Merge with Atari

Atari is still alive, but is not popular as it used to be. I was thinking about Sega & Atari working together. If Sega doesn't change its name back to Service Games, I was thinking of calling this merged company SEGATARI. If Sega DOES change its name back to Service Games, I say they should be called Atari Service Games.

19 Give their mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, to the restaurant drive-in company, Sonic

Kids get free toys of Sonic the Hedgehog, his friends & enemies, and built-in Sonic games that were released for the Sega Game Gear.1. Sonic 1 & 2 (8-bit)2. Sonic Chaos3. Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble4. Tails Adventure5. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean MachineAlso, Sonic should get his original design back when he gets sold to a fast food company.

20 Revive the Sega Dreamcast
21 Merge with Nintendo
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