Top Ten Best Segments from Fantasia

This list compiles the best individual animated segments from Disney's 1940 Anthology film, 'Fantasia'.

The Top Ten

1 Night on Bald Mountain

This is disney's debut of Disney's darkest hour. I mean come on! This scared me when I was little. This always deserves to be number 1. Even better, this segment is getting a live action movie in the future. But there's no release date.

2 The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I remember watching this scene in 2nd grade

Easily my favorite scene. Mickey Mouse is just too adorable to resist saying it couldn’t be my favorite. This part is funny and I love the music, how the tune changes if something bad will happen, which of course it did, but it’s still my best scene.

3 Rite of Spring

My favorite part from Fantasia because of the dinosaurs.

4 Nutcracker Suite

I love the emotion shown - iliekpiez

5 Dance of the Hours
6 The Pastoral Symphony
7 Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
8 Ave Maria

The Ave Maria with it’s message of the triumph of hope and life over the powers of despair and death

9 Meet the Soundtrack
10 Opening Segment

The Contenders

11 Pines of Rome
12 Intermission

This was added just to fill the list. I'm pretty sure it's just the title card on the screen for five minutes (for the theater audience). - BKAllmighty

13 Fate
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