Best Seinfeld Seasons

This list is simply ranking the nine seasons of the beloved show "Seinfeld".

The Top Ten Best Seinfeld Seasons

1 Season 4
2 Season 3
3 Season 7

The Engament, The Soup Nazi, The Hot Tub, The Wink, The Spoge, The Calzone, The invitations... so many classics! It's also the darkest season of the show.

Best season there are so many classic episodes in this season, my favorites seasons are 5,7 and 9

4 Season 9


Hell I love this season, the burning is my favorite episode, you stole my Jesus fish didn't ya! Haha classic!

Had several classic episodes that saved the season. Although the finale isn't liked that much I still enjoy it. - alexfinadri

Greatest season of all time!

5 Season 5

Best season of any show ever!

6 Season 8
7 Season 6
8 Season 2
9 Season 1
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