Best Self Care / Mobilization Tools

This is a list of the best tools to alleviate pain and tension in your body. Whether through corrective exercises, self-massage, or stretching, every person should do this type of care daily to counter repetitive postures and movements.

The Top Ten

1 OPTP Soft Foam Roller

I believe this is made by the same company that makes the MELT foam roller. The diameter is slightly larger, but this foam roller is much less expensive and has worked well for me.

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2 YTU Therapy Balls

I prefer these over tennis or lacrosse balls. It is grippy for grabbing soft tissue layers and gives slightly when rolling out, which makes it great for active releases.

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3 Coreageous Ball

This is an inflatable sponge ball used to activate and stretch muscles of the abdomen. The unique soft-stretchy skin and give of this ball make it possible to access this area gently. There is an instructional DVD available.

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4 ALPHA Ball

This size is great for lumbar and gluteal releases, or any larger muscle mass. You can use this against the wall for gentler releases.

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5 Half Foam Roller

I use these for stretching out my calves. It can also be used for balance and core training.

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6 Voodoo Floss Band

I should use this more often, because it’s a God send for improving my wrist and shoulder range of motion when I am climbing a lot.

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7 Thera-Cane

This is my husband’s favorite piece of self-care equipment. It is great for those difficult-to-reach trigger points. It comes with an instructional manual on how to address those tricky spots.

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8 Stretch Resistance Bands

This can do much more than assist with exercises like pull-ups and dips. For those who do mobilizations, this is the band to assist with traction of joints, etc. (see KStar at MobilityWOD). It can also assist stretching of hamstrings and calves.

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9 Happy Feet Alignment Socks

After squishing our feet into shoes all days, these help to reverse the effects. They separate the toes and stretch the fascia between each one.

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10 Travel Size Half Dome

Small enough to fit into a purse or briefcase, this is great for single calf stretch on the go.

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