Bro. Eliseo Soriano ( McGi)


He is serving people around the world for 50 years now and serving not only the Word of God but all that he got.. Never married dedicated for the sake of the congregation and non-member of the church. He is teaching the bible on how it is really written not the way that inserting different dogma or doctrine, not written in the bible, and also follow what he is teaching. He is not only teaching but want any other preachers to prove and compare the teachings for a proof of authenticity that it really came from the Lord Jesus.

Bro. Eli is a sent of God in our time, because of Him I was change all of my bad characters and belief and my life now is base on the scriptures. I'm so proud to be a member of Church of God International and I have a sensible Preacher, a good father, a good doctor and a friend and a good adviser also. Thanks be to God to a leader like you Bro. Eli.. May God keep you always safe to spread the good news and salvation of our God Jesus Christ. Thanks Be to God!

The prophesied preacher in the last days who will lead the Members CHURCH OF GOD International, the preacher from the east, from the Philippines... Bro. Eli Soriano.

He is so faithful and have the most profound knowledge in the word of God incomparably to any preacher in our time today. Try to listen in his teachings through the Most Popular Religious Program, The Old Path (Jeremiah 6:16) and learn every answers straight from the Bible.

I guarantee, all questions even those that people can not actually ask will be answered as what Saint Paul said, "let us learn not above what is written" (I Corinthians 4:6)

He is so faithful and we are the only congregation in our time without any show of money but pure teachings (John 7:17-18)

I am also proud to say that this man, who is undefeated in all debates, is the only preacher who started the truth in bringing the true gospel for the salvation of everyone as God wills. These words are not enough to state ...more

Bro Eli Soriano is the only TRUE PREACHER of GOD that teaches the COMPLETE DOCTRINES of JESUS CHRIST. He is the only preacher that answers queries of our fellowmen LIVE in TELEVISION, RADIO, BIBLE EXPOSITIONS... INTERNET. No one dares to challenge him in a GENTLEMAN's DEBATE when it comes to BIBLICAL ISSUES.

To have known Bro. Eli gave me more reason to believe that God is that great power up there who sees everything not only on Earth but in the whole of universe. His existence is not symbolized by material objects, but in fact, can be realized in His creation.

THE ROMANS 1:19-20
Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them.

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

As a person you must be concern to whom you are listening especially if it is about the words and teachings of God. I can say confidently Eli Soriano is the only person who can share a real and authentic what was written in the bible. You on your could check it out. He really knows how to explain without mixing and adding with a teachings of a people like some preacher doing in our times and He has a wisdom given to him and it is not a wisdom of just an ordinary person. Go search anyone better than him in biblicaly speaking I dare you could not find a single one. Listening to him even in just 5 minutes you will hear a teachings you didn't hear in entire of your lives. - Ayshel_gapasin

Bro Eli Soriano knows the Bible very well, not only all the chapters and verses of the books compiled in it but he also memorized the written words (especially in Tagalog) that he can even recite them before opening a page. It is rare in our time to find a person with such a mastery about the contents of the Bible.

What makes Bro. Eli excellent as a preacher is the special gift that he has in answering questions from the people who seek consolation for their souls that must be answered by the words of God in the Bible. He can gather those verses from the Bible very quickly and deliver these as answers to those impromptu questions right in front of the audience. Surely, his talent comes from God that cannot be gained by anybody through human endeavours.

Even Brother Eli would disagree if he will be labelled as the most sensible preacher of all time. Because he himself always think that it is our Lord Jesus Christ has the right to take such title. If we are talking about who is telling the truth and rightfully dividing the word of truth in this era or say this generation yes it's Bro. Eli. None can refute all of his teachings which come directly from the Bible as he inspired by the Holy Spirit.

This preacher, you can ask him any questions according to the Bible. While other preachers forbid you to open a Bible or ask any question according to the Bible, or else you are son of a devil. This man, Bro Eli, answers your question complete and all his answers are from the bible. He also exposes all lies and different religion so that's why many preachers want him dead.

Because no one can defend his answer through the bible
HE can also hold the title "THE GREAT DEBATER". I conclude that Bro. ELISEO FERNANDO SORIANO is the one who can hold this Title "THE MOST SENSIBLE PREACHER OF ALL TIME" for ever. Not just he can answer question. But so many to mention. The best thing that you can approved what we are saying about him is look for our congregation. The Members Church of God International. Go for our SENSIBLE PREACHER..

Bro Eli Soriano is the Jeremiah of today, by carefully preaching the word of God many people from different religion understand the true meaning of Salvation, in fact as former member of catholic from worshiping idols realizes that the true meaning of worship comes from God by keeping His commandments... to God be the Glory!

Is there any preacher in our era, that will claim they are the most sensible preacher? I dare all preachers in the world, if they are more sensible than bro eli then, debate with bro eli & we will find out. No one is equal to his knowledge that God give to him. I believe that bro eli is the most sensible preacher in our time...

Maybe not "the most" but "the only" sensible preacher of our time (in my humble opinion). He is frank in telling the truth in the bible with all honesty.

By the way, I corrected already on my first statement the question as corrected also by Bro Eli himself. Bro Eli is the most sensible preacher of OUR time not of ALL time because Jesus Christ is the later.

When I watched Bro Eli's preaching through The Old Path, I've learned a lot of teachings that is written in the Bible. He deserved to be The Most Sensible Preacher of All Time, because he is the only one & no preacher now a days that the teachings are all based in the Bible. Thanks be to God for using him as an instrument for many people to know the Words of God. To God be all the glory!

Where in the world in our times right now you'll find a preacher that answer all biblical right from the bible no more no less? His the only religious preacher right now that you can ask question directly from him unlike other religious leader. If you want to prove them ask him yourself. :D

Because bro. Eli alone unlocks the true meaning of words in the Bible which the other preachers cannot do. Nobody can defeat him in the discussion regarding the teachings of the Bible. And he is the only one answering questions live in television broadcast all over the world.

Bro. Eliseo Soriano is the only preacher on our time that all the things he teaches comes from the bible, whether it may be spiritually or literally, everything are based on what is written on the bible. Thank God for having Bro. Eli. To God be the Glory!

He is the only one the sensible preacher of our time, non other than Bro Eli Soriano, he has the spirit of God. You will feel it every time you heard him preaching. A walking bible that teach you not just on the bible itself but also in science, health, legal matters & many more

Teachings of our Bro. Eli is not from himself but from God unlike others who claim they are the chosen but their teaching are completely opposite from the BIble. Bro. Eli, messenger of God no other.

He is the True Messenger of God, teaching 24/7 the True Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible. He's Definitely The Most Sensible Preacher of Our Time. Thanks be to God.

I attended and listened to all preachers of religions in my country BUT I only found ONE who preached PURE BIBLE, nothing more, nothing less and that is Brother Eliseo Soriano of Members Church of God International. Thanks be to GOD for sending him in our time.

He don't just speak by himself, he speaks with basis, he uses all way of proving something that is true, by using evidences that supports on what he'd said, he uses Bible, Science, History, even Math, etc. Seeing that you'll going to learn something even listening to him in 5 minutes.

When it comes to faith, truth, religion, Bro. Eli Soriano always based his answers to all peoples inquiries trough Holy Scriptures, no more, no less. Unlike most of the religious leaders today and then, they have their own interpretations of the Bible, to which why so many people are being deceived!

No doubt! Bro. Eli is the man of God. I am learning a lot of God's words thru bro. Eli, the unadulterated doctrines of Jesus Christ and His mysteries written in the Bible.

So far I don't believe in Religions... But when I do... I go for Bro. Ely... he's the only one who make sense when preaching... No drama... No acting... No Contradictions... No waste of time... Just pure biblical...