Top Ten Most Sensible Things to Do After a Break-Up from a Loved One

The Top Ten

1 Let them go

Yes it hurts. Your heart aches and you miss them but sometimes it's THE only thing you can do to show them how much they meant / mean to you. Give them space and respect that it's time for you both to move on, however much it hurts. - Britgirl

Once it's over, it's done. Don't hurr yourself by making it worse - TwilightKitsune

2 Stop looking at photographs of them
3 Stop deliberately listening to songs which remind you of them
4 Cry

If you need to cry, do it! Don't bottle up your feelings. Cry until you feel nothing if you have to. It's okay! - Britgirl

5 Write your feelings in your diary instead of texting him / her

Not necessarily a diary, the back of your old homework / shopping list an old story, whatever! Instead of texting, calling or visiting your ex, write a letter to them, (without sending of course) spilling all your thoughts, emotions (good or bad) as though you are face-to-face. You'll feel better getting things from your mind and you'll feel even better knowing that you were strong enough not to make actual contact. - Britgirl

6 Talk to a friend or family member
7 Remember why you broke up in the first place

It really helps to remember the negative side of the relationship and why it didn't work out. Think of this when you are on the verge of making contact. - Britgirl

8 Don't jump straight into another relationship
9 Throw yourself into constructive and worthwhile projects
10 Look forward

Keep pushing forward. Remember: everyday is a new day. You've survived it, and you will the next day and the next... It WILL and DOES get easier :). - Britgirl

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