Top Ten Most Sensitive Parts of the Body


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1 Genitals


Yep yep

It's the same for chicks, too, it just has to be a little more accurate in the aim, but if you kick a chick in the clit they'd might just fall down and yell. - MoldySock

Just had surgery downstairs and it really kills

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2 Eyes

Can't think about things in my eyes without them watering. - Britgirl

You only know you're in love with her when you see her eyes. Eyes are the mirror of the soul. And love is the strongest bond between to souls. Eyes are the only physical visible organs that can show you how you really are on the inside, which is what really matters. - keyson

If you poke someone's eye they cry like baby. - AlphaQ

3 Brain

The most fragile part in the human body. So valuable, complex, yet so frail. Mental illnesses, anxiety, stress, and even a light physical blow to the head that causes a minor concussion may cause brain damage that could be long-lasting or worse, permanent.

Fragile part; easily damaged/altered by various harmful chemicals, trauma, blunt movement, mental state. - illusion

According to science, the brain is the most delicate part. - RangerLord

Brain indeed is the most sensitive organ of human body. You can never deprive this organ from oxygen. It is very delicate and swells up in response to trauma. With swelling up, the pressure inside your skull increases (ICP) and one gets unconscious.

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4 Heart

The heart is sensitive it's tough to open up but when you do make make it last!

BritGirl it's already been said but I think your hearts made out of Gold!

My heart is a damaged one not from a break up but from dealing with a lot of stuff!

Passion is what is in my Heart & I will show my passion! - Curti2594

Britgirl,.. YOU are the most sensitive part of ANYbody. Your heart is sensitive, I feel that. Never ever change being you. You are amazing beyond belief. This list is your sexiest by the way and is a trigger to some of my most sensitive parts, trust me!

Hearts are sensitive to every emotion. - Britgirl

Too much information

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5 Inner Thigh

I don't care which body part it is, almost every part of my body is sensitive, I can't bear being tickled at all. - Ananya

Feminine thighs are sexy, especially if wide & in shape!

I love thunder thighs.

This list suddenly turned sexual... - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

6 Neck

In fights with swords most people would aim for the neck because it is easier to kill. You have little bone (thin spin vertebrates) and your windpipe is facing the opponent.

If you've ever been kissed or caressed on the neck, you'll understand my reason for adding this - Britgirl

7 Nipples

Hmm, where does all that produced milk and muscle go? Oh I know!

They are the best and spongy

When u press it,it will burst leading to death

Almost embarrassingly sensitive, especially in cold weather! - Britgirl

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8 Belly Button

If you poked anywhere really hard it will hurt.

If you poke your belly button really hard then it will hurt.

9 Spine

The base of the spine especially - Britgirl

10 Lips

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11 Fingertips

Cut on fingertips hurt the most fam

12 Soles of Feet

Souls? Britgirl, I think you mean soles! As far as I know, feet don't have souls! And if they did, would they go to heaven? - PetSounds

This is why stepping on legos is painful

Twice I have kicked people in the face because they thought it would be fun to tickle my feet.


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13 Hands

They get cramped easily and carpal tunnel syndrome is not a pleasant experience.

14 Armpits

For some, armpits are highly sensitive to tickling sensations. - illusion

15 Funny Bone

When you hit it, it definitely isn’t funny

16 Feelings


I dunno if this is a Body part but it certainly Sensitive - Curti2594

П this is the best answer I’ve seen

17 Shins

This should be higher - NicholasYellow

If shins were higher, they'd be thighs.

18 Pinky Toe

Pinky Toe is also A useless body part but my pinky toe accidently hit or bump into the hard texture it hurts but most of the people gets that

19 Earlobes

Yes my ears r really sensitive

20 Tongue
21 Nose
22 Anus


23 Leg

If you push really hard on your lower part of you foot you break it 😏

24 Head

what XDF

25 Kneecap
26 Teeth
27 Temple
28 Back of the head
29 Elbow
30 Calve
31 Hips

Especially girls hips

32 Jaw
33 Shoulder
34 Adams Apple
35 Ear
36 Stomach

Usually very responsive to tickling in comparison to other body parts. - illusion

Not too sensitive but when tickled, boy oh boy

When I was 13 I’m 16 now my mom always tried to wake me up and when I didn't she would get on me and poke,tickle,pinch my belly until I got up then she said “If you don't get up I’ll get your sister her to”

37 Back of Knee

Yess that just makes me feel good

This is an automatic reflex when something touched the back of your knee it's so Sensitive your knees will bend and you never even told it too - Curti2594

This is my sweet spot

38 Cheeks

Cheeks are both sides on your face And your
nose is in the middle.

39 Eardrum
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