Top Ten Most Sensual Songs

The Top Ten

1 You Look So Fine (Fun Lovin' Criminals Version) - Garbage
2 Night Wind Sent - Blondie
3 No Aphrodisiac - The Whitlams
4 Siren - Tori Amos
5 Nightcall - Kavinsky
6 Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars
7 Livin' In a World Without You - Rasmus
8 I'm Not Scared - Eighth Wonder
9 Spoiled - Joss Stone

Ah, Cookie.. I could eat you! What a sensual list indeed! I have this album and agree this song is the most sensual. Gorgeous. Also have her superb album, Soul Sessions - equally beautiful.
As is this list. Well done! - Britgirl

Saucer of milk, Cookie? Yes, I absolutely agree with you about this song. Her voice is amazing and yes, very sensual!
I am having a wonderful time thank you. Always positive energy. X - Britgirl

*Cookie meows

Yes, Britgirl, this song is so scrumptious, indeed! I think it's her best so far. Don't you agree? So you knew this song and you liked it. That's very good news. Scandalous!


Enjoy your time and thanks for your positive energy.

10 Beauty School - Deftones

It's so will tire ya out - Ananya

Man...this song is the one of the most sensual songs I've heard.
like the world around me is melting.
It's lyrics, chino's voice - it's great.
You will definitely love it. - Ananya

The Contenders

11 Let's Move & Groove Together - Benny Latimore
12 Light My Fire - The Doors
13 Black Cherry - Goldfrapp
14 Confide In Me - Kylie Minogue
15 Cold - Annie Lennox
16 The Sweetest Taboo - Sade
17 Justify My Love - Madonna
18 Slow Like Honey - Fiona Apple
19 Motivation - Kelly Rowland
20 Cocoon - Bjork
21 All is Full of Love - Bjork
22 Fever - Peggy Lee
23 Vision of Love - Mariah Carey
24 Crazy for You - Madonna
25 Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
26 Rain - Madonna
27 No Ordinary Love - Sade
28 Hay Amores - Antonio Pinto & Shakira
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